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Good Story and Good Characters

Moonlight & Whiskey - Tricia Lynne

Avery admitted she had a porn habit. She liked watching people have sex. Avery would never be thin but she still wanted to be feminine and sexy in her skin. Just as she was. She had let kat/katia talk into having a Brazilian wax and Kat had made the appointment. Avery had learned to appear asexual - it was the role she had to play as a female engineer trying to make partner in her firm. She had an entirely different woman locked inside her who had a huge set of balls, liked hard rock music, and drank her whiskey neat. She mouthed off with great satisfaction and cursed like a well informed sailor. She had little filter between her brain and mouth and zero tolerance policy on stupidity. Kat and Avery were going on vacation to New Orleans. Kat is like family they had been roommates University Of Texas. Kat was a little famous as she had been a model but a couple of years ago she had moved behind the camera. Now kat and Avery were at their hotel and than someone ran into Avery from behind pushing her into Kat. Avery turned to tell this person to watch the hell where he was going. Than she actually saw the guy and he was really hot. This guy looked like he had done it all and posted bail. The guy’s name was Declan and he offered to take Avery to dinner for almost running her down and  she declined but Kataccepted for her. Avery had met many jerks but after jason two years ago the scars were still healing . Now Avery’s walls were steep and her defense mechanism was razor sharp. But declan didn't back down and didn’t seem to be put off with the shots she took at his ego. Her body definitely reacted to him. They went and Avery felt Declan only7 wanted her as a friend but than he said she should see his bed. They left and flirted some more but than Declan said he had to go or he would be late for for his gig. Than Avery and kat later go into a bar and he was singing in a band on stage, he really did have a gig. Kat talked Avery into going up to declan and talk to him after the gig was over . Than Kat went and talked to the guitarist- Jamie. Avery finally purposely bumped into Declan from the back making him spill some of his drink and as he quickly turned around and than saw who it was and said she owed him a drink. Declan’s band was called Blacksmith. The drummer Matt also flirted with Avery and than she saw a look pass between declan and Avery. Than kat said they should be going. As they walked away Kat said he knows where you are staying. Avery couldn’t sleep and had been thinking about declan so she went outside to get some air. Than declan showed up and they made out but than he stopped and said he couldn’t do this and went to his room. Avery was angry and it brought back memories of Jason. Jason and Avery had sheared smiles at the coffee shop . finally he asked her out.They hit it off and over the next six months they spent a lot of time together.  But he always took her to out of the way places. Avery learned jason was an oil executive and his parents were well known Dallas socialites. Than when Avery asked why she never met his family or friends he said he was expected to be with someone who looked a certain way, lived a certain lifestyle, came from a certain family. She then ended things as she would no longer be his dirty little secret. Avery had given up trying after jason. But she had never felt anything as intense with anyone else as she did with Declan. The next morning she told kat what had happened as Kat had already ordered breakfast for them. Than with breakfast was a bouquet of flowers and a note from Declan saying he would pick her up at seven to go out and Kat had a date with Jamie. After their date and they had returned to the hotel they went to Declan’s room. Declan made it clear he didn’t do the relationship thing when in the tub with Avery. Her quick answer was she was just on vacation. Declan explained he knew he was screwed up about woman after what his mom had done to him and his father. He didn’t believed he wasn’t capable of that kind of love. Avery admitted she had only been with five other men and two had been one night stands. Avery woke from a dream about declan being cruel to her and she grabbed her things and snuck back to her own room. She left because if she stayed he would end up hurting her. Than Declan showed up at her hotel room door very angry.

I loved this book. It was a well written romance with just enough angst and if you believe in fate and soulmates you will love this book like I did.  I loved the pace and the plot. I loved Declan and Avery together and how they interacted together. This was a quick love brought between them Avery thought they were old souls who always found each other. I loved how Avery let herself be her real self with Declan and how she grew. Also she didn't put her real self back into hiding since she left New Orleans. I loved the relationship between Kat and Avery as well as Declan and his bandmates and Sadie- Shauns wife. .I didn’t want to put this down and really didn't and lost some sleep but this book was so worth it.  I loved the characters and ins and outs of this book and I highly recommend it.