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Good Story and Good Characters

Moonlight & Whiskey - Tricia Lynne

Felicity had a six year old son Tyler who had headaches and they were getting worse. Felicity worked at Stinson Automotive had paid better than she expected. She also finally put a deposit down on a rental house by her cousin Lauren. Maybe it would finally start to feel like she was getting her life back together . Life hadn’t been easy since her husband john’s accident and it had became harder after he had passed away from the accidental overdose. After John had died felicity refused to let Tyler see how much she struggled day in, day out to keep a roof over their heads and food  on the table. They were at the doctor's office and Tyler pointed out the Columbus soccer team right wing who had just come through the door- Scott gillie. He was there to see Dr. Bedi. Her boss was a patient man but Felicity needed to get to work. Scott was hot but she had already fallen for a bad boy once and look how that turned out. Then there was an announcement on TV Stinson Automotive had shut down with no notice which meant felicity now had no job. Scott felt he should have been on the soccer field In Toronto. Hopefully Scott’s old friend Dr. Evan bedi would clear Scott to play. Scott’s grandmother Edna was no fan of soccer. But it was Scott’s fault as long ago he traded family functions for practices and games. Soccer was Scott’s life, his love. His manager JD was pushing for Scott to get a Personal Assistant-  P A but Scott didn’t see the need for one. Scott’s life long goal was making the U S Men’s National team . But some nights when he was alone at his apartment he longed for someone there beside him. But not while Scott was at the top of his game. Women were a distraction for Scott. Evan told Scott he had a hairline fracture in his tibia and said three to four more weeks off. Scott’s trainer had only said two. Than Evan said he would see Scott again in a week for a fresh xray. JD had talked to Felicity and offered her a job as Scott’s P A for triple her pay she had been getting. JD said he needed someone like her, someone who can take charge and keep cool under pressure. JD said Scott was independant and liked handling things in his own. But he worries Scott’s doing too much and it’s delaying his recovery time. If Scott was as big as deal as Tyler made him out to be working alongside him could be a gamble. With celebrities often come drama and that was not an environment she wished for Tyler. Felicity was attracted to scott and he to her. But both were determined to do nothing about it. Than Felicity got a call and the duplex next to her had caught in fire and the whole building was being condemned. She would have to figure out a place to stay for three weeks until the new place would be ready. Edna decided felicity and Tyler could stay with them. Felicity felt she didn’t need a man especially not an arrogant soccer player. On the way to Edna’s tyler asked her why she was mad. But Felicity was more furious at the dark cloud they couldn’t seem to dodge. Felicity hoped Scott would treat Tyler more kindly than he had her this morning. Felicity and Scott eventually had sex.

I really enjoyed this book. It showed how strong a promise made to a dying parent can be. It showed goals changin. I loved Scott and Felicity together and how they interacted. I loved how realistic the author portrayed Scott wanting to get back to playing soccer and his fears of being replaced because of his injury. All and all a good easy romantic read. The romantic feelings happened a little too quick for me but that was ok. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this book. I wish I could rate this 4.5. I recommend this book.