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Good Story and Good Characters

Penetrating the Darkness - Shiela Stewart

Dusty was determined to keep a small part of himself alive even though he had been changed to a vampire by no choice of his own.He had been kept in this cold cell for months and they were trying to break him. He had stopped to help a young woman and three vampires had been waiting in the trees. He hadn’t even known such creatures existed. The man said he heard Dusty was refusing the blood after torture Dusty gives in.  Than something inside , something unfamiliar pulled at him and made him crave what he couldn’t understand looking at the arm, an alien instinct compelled him to take it. The thirst took over. Once again Amara finds Felicity sitting in the cell. She stepped in and knelt beside felicity. Amara felt Felicity was an angel yet her mother. The Queen-Rajana- treated her like a prisoner. She had gone to all that work to get felicity. Felicity said she just wanted to go down and see the world for a day. Felicity had been brought to the magical world and put in Amara’s care. Amara had done a lot of reading as she knew nothing about kids before this and she was still learning. Felicity was five years old. The Messengers were sent down to evaluate the vampire population and the Censors documented it all. He came in and told Dusty he was going to let him out of his room for a meal with him and his followers. Trinity was a vampire princess who was looking for Chaos- Dusty’s maker. Trinity needed a distraction. Felicity was her and Basil’s daughter and taken by Rajana to another realm. Basil is the vampire prince. Trinity didn’t like quiet , she wanted something to distract her from the pain of her child being taken from her.  Saving Felicity was all she could think of since Rajana had stolen her newborn daughter right after she was born. Trinity’s first attempt to rescue Felicity had failed and she had been Rajana’s prisoner. It had been weeks now since she had been held in the Realm of the Mystics. If it hadn’t been for Starla- their resident witch Trinity would still be in the Realm. Starla needed a break before she tried again. It had been a year since Chaos performed a ritual involving the blood of five innocent young girls to bring back the epitome of all evil- Avadur. The city had been cast in darkness . every human had left, all plant life had died and every evil creature had come to stay in jacob’s Cove. Basil was the love of Trinity’s life and he came up to her and asked her hadn’t he asked her not to hunt alone? They had broke up after he had slept with another woman but they were back together now. Amara rarely saw Felicity used her powers and she had inherited a good deal from her father the prince or so Amara was told. One power was Felicity could cause the wind to appear out of nowhere. Than the room disappeared and darkness surrounded her and Felicity and than they were on the ground with humans. There was a bright flash of light and Dusty hid behind a car. When he dared to look up there were piles of black ash. Than dusty was trapped but the woman ordered the child to let him go. It worried Amara Felicity had so much power which could be dangerous in a new environment. Amara convinces Felicity Dusty was ok.  Dusty said they needed to find a place to hide and be safe and the found a deserted lab. While out looking for food Felicity, Amara, and Dusty run into Trinity and Basil- Felicity’s true parents.

I enjoyed this book. I like the different elements of it. A vampire queen in another realm steal her sons daughter and holds her granddaughter captive since she was a newborn. Than her granddaughter-felicity escapes and seals up the queen in the realm . Than the powerful girl finds her parents who she was told were very bad. Than a bad vampire controlling different types of evil monsters who go to the dark mystics to for power and is to overtake the little girl and her royal parents and so forth. A lot in this book for sure. It did drag some for me at times. I loved Felicity and she really added t this book. I also liked trinity and Basil together and how they interacted with each other. I liked the plot a lot. Definitely a different type of paranormal book. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this book and I recommend it.