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Good Story and Good Characters

Pretty in Ink - Ava Blackstone

Olivia/Liv liked to follow her instincts. C J was Olivia’s boyfriend, he wasn’t the perfect boyfriend but he understood her. They were at the tattoo shop- Permanent Ink. Olivia told CJ she was afraid of needles. Than Caleb ward wrapped his fingers around Liv’s arm after her name had been called. Liv had a crush on Caleb when they were just kids. Caleb asked Liv what she was doing there. She couldn’t tell Caleb why she was there he’d be calling her parents right away. Than Liv told C J Caleb was  Rafe’s best friend. Liv tried to remember if Caleb had been at dinner when she told her parents two months ago she had broken up with C J. Caleb wouldn’t have to mention a tattoo C J’s name would freak them out. Than Caleb said he was there working. Liv than homicide in hamburger habit. Dead bodies at Delray’s Deli? Caleb than said he didn’t discuss open cases. Caleb said she didn’t want Liv to do something she’d regret. He’d was returning to where he had seen Liv last and and seen CJ walking and he asked CJ where Liv was and he said the tattoo shop and they were no longer together. Than the tattoo artist told Liv she could open her eyes and see her tattoo and she seen the name caleb on her arm. Liv knew she had been fuzzy when she picked out the tattoo but she thought she had chosen a butterfly or flower. Three months later after liv got the tattoo and she was trying to muscle her life back on track but she still had a ways to go. Liv wrote up a business plan for Designs By Olivia. She got tp the final round in a local design competition. She upped her hours at Hannigan's and moved back in with her parents to save money on rent. Her mother had “ found” her business plan and her father asked her how much she needed and they would loan it too her. Her mom said she was proud of her and said they knew she would make this business a success. Three months later- Caleb hadn’t seem :Liv since the day in front of Permanent Ink. Now at her brothers house he heard her voice. For the last three months she wasn’t at any of her family's functions but now he could see that she was ok and maybe he could get her out of his head. Than jen-rafe’s wife had a woman there for caleb to meet. Her name was Joslyn and before he left that evening he realized Joslyn would be perfect for him and asked her out. Liv told calab Joslyn was the female version of himself and he needed someone to shake him up . jar him out of his routine. Joslyn said she though He and Liv were involved. Caleb said Liv was like a younger sister. Luiv had spent three months avoiding caleb , picking up extra hours at work, even claiming to be sick one time.  Now she had to go to her cousin Ella’s engagement party. She had to hope her family remembered caleb wasn’t actually a Voretti and shouldn’t have to suffer through the four weeks of mandatory wedding “fun” leading up to Ella’s wedding. Caleb entered the room to ella ripping off Liv’s blouse, he gave Kayla his shirt and told Ella he would make sure Liv had a fitting at the bridal shop. Liv told Caleb he had ruined everything but he couldn’t think of anything but her against him- sweet, hot, and necessary. Liv was one of the women caleb was never going to have. Than her parents barged in and mistoke the situation. Than Liv said she needed him to be her pretend boyfriend until after the wedding so everyone would think caleb being on her arm was for him. He was going to say no until he seen the tears. Liv never cried so he ended up agreeing. Caleb knew he had always wanted Liv n=more than he should and she scared the hell out of him. Caleb and Liv went to the bar after he called his friend Ezra help he get off CJ’s balcony. Caleb kissed her and Liv wanted more but he pulled himself away after she had invaded “Fix It Day” at his place when she had heard about his and Joslyn’s date. Then after the kisses Caleb had wiped out every other man from Liv’s memory. Before they knew it the wedding was over and it was the last morning of being a fake couple . Caleb admitted to Liv it just wasn’t going to happen with Joslyn.

I enjoyed reading this book. I loved Caleb and Liv together. I liked the plot but the pace did drag for me at times. I liked how close Liv and her family were and that they made caleb a part of that family. I liked the closeness between Rafe and Caleb. Caleb and Liv were opposite each other but some of it was because Caleb held himself in check because of his parents and how they had treated him while he was growing up and the anger he had pushed so far deep inside himself. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this book and I recommend it.