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Not For Me

The Billionaire Beast: A Billionaire Romance (The Billionaire Fairy Tales) - Jackie Ashenden

Nero de Santos was as beastly as they come, his only humanity is his interest in computers and his taste for fine art. Not that he particularly cared about being human and it was overrated in his opinion. When Nero had a horrible childhood and had been abused. He had deep scars from his past. He hadn’t left his home in ten years. Nero was looking at his security feed of his front door and the woman standing there very corporate looking , very secretary. Which he expected as she was here for an job interview. In the last six months he’d gone through at least ten assistants and it was getting hard to find anyone who would actually work with him. He preferred to hire the best, but the best wouldn’t even imply. Phoebe Taylor was the woman at his door.  There was something that intrigued Nero about her but she had a two year gap in her resume. Nero wanted what he wanted when he wanted it and if his assistants either couldn’t or wouldn’t do their jobs and assist him 24/7 , than he got rid of them. No second chances. Many only a week, barely a month. Hiring new people was getting old. Money tended to solve most problems in his experience, he could always up the salary he offered again. Being the illegitimate son of Cesare Santis, owner of D S Corporation- one of America’s biggest and richest defense and protection company wasn’t without perks. Nero headed the technology branch of the company. Phoebe needed a lot of money and fast to pay her fiance’s hospital bills as he had been in a coma for two years and she was paying the bills for his care. Phoebe had to stop herself from checking her phone as Charles- her fiance- had developed an infection which was worrying as the immune systems of coma patients weren’t robust. Becoming nero’s assistant would provide the money Phoebe needed. Nero’s office was designed to intimidate anyone in it. It might have gotten to Phoebe if she hadn’t spent the last two years if different hospital waiting rooms , dealing with officious and self important medical staff. Phoebe didn't like her punch-to- the- gut response to Nero. She rarely let people get under her skin, but she had a feeling if she wasn’t careful he could. She better be cautious for the rest of her time around Nero. As Phobe gets to know her boss and the damage from his past, she wants to help him. Nero demands two women and when they are at his home he only kisses one can’t physically respond to either of them and has them leave and goes to  Phoebe.

I really couldn’t get into this book. Nero was just to mean and Phoebe wouldn’t stick up for herself. She would say no them give in why bother to say no? This also dragged for me at time . I just couldn’t finish this it wouldn’t hold my attention. So I am sure others will like this book it just wasn’t for me.