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Mixed Feelings

Zachary (Dawn Of The Awakening Book 1) - Raymond Springer

There wasa 911 call when the officers approached the center house there was fragments of glass as far into the street as to where the officers stood.   They crept to the door and after hearing a baby wailing they looked into the window and saw a nude baby boy who appeared to have just been born. Eric was the oldest and most powerful living profit . he woke from his torturous sleep. Years ago he had sworn to serve those who he believed were loyal to an antiquated faith- the Circle of Benediction.  The Circle of Benedictions mission was to destroy anyone with supernatural abilities. Then he said” the child, he is here”. He came out of his dream that wasn’t a dream. Eric went to enzo his evening bodyguard and told him he needed to talk to the Lore now. Eric went to a big table filled with monitors. There was also a conferencing camera. There was one with the Supreme Leaders shadowy figure in it. He only got involved when he felt the need to. Eric wasn’t one of the Lore, he was a trusted advisor. Eric said he wouldn’t be at a crossroads if they could convince him the prophesied child is actually a danger to humanity. He told the lore’s members this was their chance to tell their side of what they knew. If they than had not convinced Eric he would provide them with false information and they won’t know the difference until it was too late.  Eric said he would like to be convinced they were doing the right thing. The Supreme leader said eric knew why they did what they did and what would happen if they didn’t ...Eric said devastation, a cataclysmic event that could have an impact on humanity which they hadn’t seen in thousands of years. Eric said how many do they have to kill? Where does it end? Eric shouted he would be the only one to answer for his crimes if they were in accordance to the Lord's will. The lines they had crossed were clear, and necessary. But the baby was another matter. He knew the prophecies . he wanted to be sure this was the sign they waited for and confirms what they had been doing for thousands of years is valid and true. Eric knew he could be killed for overstepping his boundaries but he was old and had little to lose. The leader said they were given prophecy about him long before his birth.  If any of Eric’s prophecies had failed he would have been dead. Each of Eric’s prophecies had come true. Jacob knew the child had been born and they only had hours that the child must be extracted and protected form the Circle of Benediction. Jacob headed the watchers who were sworn enemies of the Circle Of Benediction who killed many of their kind. Jacob has supernatural powers and uses his fortune to create Rampart Industries to protect others with supernatural powers from the Circle. Jacob does secure the child before the Circle can destroy him.

This would have been a much better read of the editorial errors had been corrected. The odd part was the didn’t really show up until later on in the book. Than this also dragged for me at different times in this book. I had mixed feelings about this book. I liked the pilot but this was a common enough thread - some people were different and had to be destroyed because of that- in this case people with supernatural powers and a secret society deem themselves right in  murdering these people even an newborn baby. Si I finished this but at times I forced myself to continue as I said I had mixed feelings. I am sure there are others who really enjoyed this book.