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Good Story and Good Characters

Royal Treatment - Tracy Wolff

Garrett now had a new life as the soare instead of the heir. This was supposed to be the best thing that ever happened to him?  Too bad it felt more like a nightmare than a dream come true. He had tried for a month to enjoy this lifestyle but it just wasn’t working for him. Garrett had been to more parties in the six weeks since he had gotten a clean bill of health than the first twenty eight years if his life. That’s saying something considering major galas had been a part of his existence since Garrett could walk.  Garrett feels he is pathetic and not to mention useless now. He was once the man trusted to rule his country but now he can’t even be trusted to be in control of himself or so the anxiety medicine the King’s therapist keep insisting he take. But Garrett does have PTSD. Garrett had been rescued nine months ago. His father the King had decided Garrett wasn’t fit to to be King once he returned from the kidnapping . Kian doesn’t want to be King he had loved the playboy partying lifestyle. Garrett isn’t even allowed in the royal palace when there is serious business going on. That isn’t what his brother Kian says to his face . But Garrett is very aware of how  often he is showed the door. Garrett may have got a couple concussions but his brain still worked better than most. Garrett had been kidnapped and tortured physically and mentally in that time before he was rescued. He’s become a liability someone who can’t even be trusted with palace gossip much less state secrets. Death has to be better than this. Than again, anything does. Because of the distrust form his own family, and the forced idleness and uselessness- that was now his life- in ways was just as torturous as those months he endured in that compound filled with anti-royal crazies. His family, his country think Garrett was a traitor. They think they can’t trust him and there’s nothing he can do to prove otherwise. His life was reduced to basically nothing. No meetings, no public appearances, no charity work. While at the lake garrett sees a feisty redhead arguing with his security detail. Garrett is a prince but his detail  doesn’t follow his orders. Not in the matters of his personal security they do whatever they deem necessary , even if it doesn’t agree with Garrett’s wishes. It was rare for people not to recognize him especially after his rescue and his face had been all over the media. But his woman didn't seem to know who he was. Garrett wanted her in his bed. But now she was checking him out and he couldn’t help remembering how broken he really was. And just how many scars the months in captivity left him with. Sure his clothes cover most of the damage but it’s still there inside and out. She says her name was Lola. lola has her own very successful vintage clothes business. She had come to Wildermer to shop for vintage clothes as she was the buyer as well as the seller of the clothes. Garrett talks Lola into going on one date with him and they are caught on camera together and the media causes a frenzy that was unexpected. Kian suggests garrett pretend to be in a relationship with Lola to gain his rightful title back as the crowned prince.

I really enjoyed reading this book. A different slant on a royals book. As far as I'm concerned Garrett’s father was a butt for how he was treating garrett instead of trusting him. Trying to see how he would manage things after some recovery time. I advise you to read the first book in this series for a smoother read. I loved how Lola understood garrett and what the last few months had cost him. Garrett and Lola have a hot chemistry. I did snicker at times while reading this. I really enjoyed the pace and plot. I would have liked to know more about garrett’s kidnapping and what happened to him and his rescue and recopperation. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this book and I recommend it.