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Great Story and Characters

Defenseless - Elizabeth Dyer

Georgia had been in the Marine Corp. when she og tout she had planned on getting a tiny apartment in San Diego and enjoy the sun while she figured out what to do with her life but she hadn’t done that. Ethan had offered her a job in the private security sector and she had taken it.  A job she liked and one she was in risk of losing. Georgia doubted she had the patience for one more posh D C assignment. Kidnappers, stalkers, and political plots she could handle. Yappy dogs, Shopping trips to the Circle, and the carefully pinned and tucked exteriors of DC’s political housewives made her twitchy. According to ethan it wasn’t enough for Georgia to keep her clients alive and well. She needs them to like her. Ethan made it clear if she couldn’t make a personal connection with her next assignment she’d be looking for a new job. Georgia used to feel like her job mattered, like the people she worked with made a difference in the world.or Ethan could put her in the office but Georgia didn’t want that.  Georgia hoped Ethan would tell her how will died. There is so much she didn’t know and the Department Of Defense wouldn’t say. So much Ethan wouldn’t tell her. Georgia wasn’t so sure she liked her job now but she needed it.Ethan said they both knew she was an asset to the firm in terms of technical skills she was one of his best operatives.Georgia knew Ethan had been hired because of her dead brother Will. Ethan and will had served together and Ethan had been one of the men to carry will’s flag draped coffin. The last nine months had been a revolving door of uninvited change. She didn’t think she had it in her to start a new career as well. What was she qualified for ? She had no college education She doubted “ excellent marksmanship” and “ experience with explosives” rounded out a resume. She be lucky if she got a job flipping burgers. Ethan had called , instructed when and where to meet him and hung up. Ethan said she wasn’t his first  call or hardly his first choice. He had no one else and had been desperate.. Parker Livingston had made millions on a game he invented called Jungle Jem. but he also had a reputation for being difficult to work with. Unknown to many Parker was also considered a person of high value by the U S government. Parker was the creator of a special app the military used for special ops and was a member of a Special forces group but only as a computer nerd. Due to Parker’s work he is carefully monitored. So Ethan is giving her a seventy two hour assignment. Maybe less if Ryan made it back form NY. withholding facts in this line of work is not only dangerous but criminally stupid yet Ethan gave her as little information as possible. Usually ethan sent her a dossier : photos, addresses, schedules and contacts- details about the job. This time she was given she was babysitting a nerd who wasn’t exactly housebroken” whatever that meant. Ethan also said Parker was a little.. Different. Had his own schedule, his own method of doing things. He was also adamant he didn’t need private security. Ethan also said he was limited to what he could say. Ethan said he didn’t want to have to worry about the safety of a high valued citizen with Parker’s capabilities and clearance. Georgia asked how she was supposed to be successful when Parker had ditched every detail every operative.  Someone is misusing the program of Parkers against operatives with a kill on sight order. Parker and Georgia have hot chemistry. Than an assassin tries to kill Parker and Georgia and they must go on the run with few resources and they have to figure out who they can trust. But they are rarely able to ito interact with others as they fighting for their own survival. Than Parker betrays parker even though it was only ,want to protect her.

I loved this book. I felt it was well written. I was drawn in by the first few pages and stayed that way until the end of this book. I laughed at times while reading this book. I loved the plot and pace. Georgia and Parker definitely had hot chemistry. I loved Georgia and parker together and how they interacted. I loved the role reversal also- a female protecting the male. I did feel we were given too much information on Parker’s invention yet this was still a five rating for me. I loved the action, action and suspense in this book. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this book and I highly recommend it.