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Not For Me

Trapped - Amanda Byrd

Miranda was only part human, part vampire and since the scratch part werewolf. Miranda had called on to save and merge two universes. Miranda was also a very successful psychologist. She got to help her patients work past their insecurities, anxieties, and other issues and still be two thirds monster.- mentally and physically.  Teddy loved Miranda and they had been together ten years-they were married. Miranda hadn’t had human blood in over a year. She thought maybe go out and find a criminal for blood. Miranda had went into hiding and only came out to see her patients and animals were bred for slaughter. Teddy and Miranda were going back home to Florida. Miranda had their home custom built and loved it but had to go furniture shopping to add to what they had the movers bring from California. Miranda had earned  a lot in California and had invested some money but also saved money. Teddy and Miranda had rocky times in their marriage but they had worked their problems out as they worked so well together. While they shopped at the furniture store Miranda decided they would get their salesman Norm to their home later to eat him. Teddy would take his truck and would get Miranda had a touch of compulsive obsessive disorder but she preferred to be called highly organized to a fault. Miranda wanted to find a cure from her two monsters. Her monsters let her know her age would quickly catch up to her and she would feel it and die. Right now she was eternally thirty nine. Miranda hated weekly shopping and thought about a grocery delivery service but was too particular and did not want someone else to choose her groceries. Miranda and Teddy were going to London to look at a castle Miranda wanted to buy. This was her first international trip and she was excited. But she did hate flying especially with other people. Miranda took the window seats and Teddy was in the middle seat. Than a woman her built sat in the aisle seat. She hears her monsters hiss and growl and they said that woman was as much a monster as Miranda. They sensed and felt it. Also this would not be the last time she’d see the woman. There was a reason she sat there and nowhere else. Miranda felt a growing sense of dread. This woman always seemed to be right near Miranda even in the short layover at the airport.

I tried and read about half of this book but I just couldn’t get into it. I couldn’t get into Miranda at all or even teddy. I wouldn’t rate this if  I didn't have too, I am sure others will love it but his just didn’t keep my attention or interest and it just wasn’t for me.