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Good Story and Good Characters

You're the One That I Want - Giovanna Fletcher

Commander Sullivan “van” Tate hated a lot of things about NYC but Leo’s Alehouse wasn’t one of them. Especially and he and his two brothers discharged their foster father’s -Noah- ashes from the Brooklyn Bridge. Noah was a oil tycoon but he had three foster sons. He would have loved his sons holding at wake in honor of him at a military bar. It would have appealed to the rebel in Noah. all three brothers were Navy Seals Van being the oldest and Wolf the youngest and there was Lucas. Wolf had taken his father’s death pretty hard and was looking for a fight but Van managed to talk some sense into him . the media would have the fight all over the place and that wouldn't be good for the Tate name. The were all raised to do right by the tate name. The boys all even went into the service at eighteen. The media is looking for anything concerning their  father and them as Noah had died under mysterious circumstances. Van was the head of the Tate family now. Getting things on lockdown until the situation had been handled was now his job. Lucas was a sniper in the Seals and he was one of the most controlled people Van had ever met. Noah had been the first one to adopt and give the three boys a proper home. He hadn’t been particularly loving at least not to van but he had been a father to them. Even if he wanted more from Van than he could give. His death had still been a blow all three brothers had never seen coming. The brothers had all been in the military ten years nowe bit would have to get out and do their duty by their father. Their fathers lawyer had handed van an envelope and inside was Noah’s last will and testament and then there was another three envelopes with with each man's name one for each. Now van handed his brothers their envelopes he had not even read his. Inheriting his father vast fortune and Tate Oil all fell on Van’s shoulders now. His brothers were both on the board of directors also. Every since Noah adopted them- Van had been eight- he had been very clear that the purpose of all the boys was to protect  the Tate legacy. Van was different since the Columbia incident where Van messed up and a woman lost her life. Van had than decided to stay a seal instead of joining Noah at the helm of Tate Oil. Noah hated NYC and he hated being stuck behind a desk. In the military he had loved the danger and the thrill of the armed services. Also the comradeship and loyalty of his team. Chloe went to NYC to meet with her oldest foster brother Van , it had been eight years since he ha been to the ranch. He just stopped coming there. She wouldn’t allow herself to think about her father. She found out after the funeral the ranch she loved and had managed for the last few years hadn’t went to her as her father had promised Van got everything. Chloe was angry but also grieving. She had grown up on the Tate ranch, had spent her entire life on it and for the last ten years poured everything she had into it. Wyoming and the ranch had given Chloe everything she had ever needed. Van had been left with the task of protecting Chloe from her unknown real father -Cesare de Santis who had been Noah’s long time enemy. He now had a plot for revenge and also the family secrets Chloe needed protection and Van was to provide it.  Van’s not happy being away from his team or about being in charge of tate Oil. Chloe had always had a crush on Van even though she was ten years younger than him. Van had paid attention to Chloe when she was younger when he came to the ranch unlike her cold foster father. Now she is with Van again there is a strong sexual attraction between them. Van worried after costing the woman in Columbia her life that he may not be able to protect Chloe.

I enjoyed this book. I really liked the success and drama in this book. I liked Chloe and Van together but he needed to get himself together. I felt this was well written. I liked the pot and pace of this book. But I do think it was brought up way too many times Van being a Seal. We know that. There are some unanswered things in this book like why van stopped coming to the ranch eight years ago. I don’t like the lies and deceit Noah said and used to his foster sons and daughter. I loved the characters and the twists and turns of this book and i recommend.