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Good Story and Good Characters

Make Me Want - Rebecca Brooks

Tyler had been through some recent heartbreaking trauma when his best friend died in a fire. Now he had a need to protect others to compensate for losing him. Abbie had to be independent  from trauma - when she was a teen and Abbi had been taken advantage of by a teacher that wrecked her self esteem. She also had a less than ideal view of what to expect from men. Abbi had survived the trauma from when she was a teen but she had never dealt with it,  Tyler is a wildland firefighter but he is running from the memories of his best friend. Tyler takes a temporary job at Gold Mountain. He definitely knows about the devastation of a fire that gets out of control. He had needed to get away from L A to get his priorities straight. Tyler is there to  help set up a firebreak to protect the town. Also having this successful venture on hso resume will mean some good prospects in the future.he wants to get in, get the job done and be on his way to to fire safety management somewhere else. Tyler is at a bar and Abbi’s best friend sends Tyler over to pretend to be Abbi’s new boyfriend. As Russ was Abbi ex boyfriend who was harassing her and planning to be involved with the construction of the firebreak.  Now they have to learn to be a fake couple so russ will leave Abbi alone as he is still very possessive of her and hasn’t let go. Abbi decides her and tyler can spend the night together. But just that night. Abbi works at a local nature center and her job is to prevent the firebreak from being built. As it would destroy the habitat of some endangered animals. Abbi believes the firebreak is a waste of time and money. The next day Abbi is at work and Tyler shows up at her job as a consultant in the firebreak project that Abbi si determined to get cancelled. Abbi’s view on life, love and relationships with men are all influenced by the trauma she received as a teen. Abbi thinks the worst of anyone who tried to help her. Abbi fights her feeling for Tyler. Tyler saves Abbi’s life but she wasn't very grateful in her actions.  

I enjoyed this book. It was a quick, easy read but it was also emotional. With two people on opposite sides of an issue. Abbi made it clear Tyler she was only in it for the sex and wanted nothing more. I choked up at times  while reading this book. I really enjoyed the suspense and action in this book. I felt bad for Tyler as well as Abbi for they pain they still carried form what had happened to them. Tyler and Abbi definitely had hot chemistry and II liked them together. I’m glad Tyler was patient but also determined to prove to Abbi he’s not like the other men she knew. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this book and I recommend it.