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Mixed Feelings

The Witch of the Prophecy - Victoria Jayne

Divina and Rory had just had sex. He was a vampire and wanted Divina for his own. Rory had lost the concept of time and when he was with Davina . Divina was a witch. Her innocence drew Rory in. He cherished her. These intimate moments with her were more valuable to him than any jewel or treasure. Three years later Rory felt longing in his heart. Sometimes memories were the worst form of  torture. With the prophecy set in motion, he was being sent back to divina. He went to the reading wagon vardo. Rory felt delight to hear his voice again but waited until she was alone to approach her and request her help. Divina told rory she wasn’t helping him before he asked. She told Rory she hated him. She made Rory feel things. A vampire with feelings was weak. Feelings could be exploited against him. Divina ahd once loved Rory but he threw it away. Rory had met her and told her she was a witch and he had preached about the prophecy to her. Rory asked Divina if she had joined a coven she said no and he told her she needed to. He should be happy , it lent credence to the prophecy. For the sake of all being walking the earth he needed Davina  on his side. He had never wanted to see Divina in pain but rory had caused it over and over again. Rory winced at the memory of when he had been instructed to leave her behind. She had done what needed to be done which was get rory’s heart to beat. Aric was a wolf shifter and working on his clogged sink. He heard a knock at his door and answered it and snarled” what?” A scantily clad blonde looked up at him. She swept her gaze over him. “ You lost” Aric asked suspiciously. She said Aric Braun he said yeah and she went past him into his home . He was going to protest but said nothing as her skin touched him it was like an electric shock. His wolf paced within as she sat on his couch. Than Aric asked who she was and why she was there. Something about this woman felt off. Selene told him her name and when he pushed her to talk she grabbed his arm. It hurt alot but he was finally able to pull her arm away. Than she asked if he didn’t recognize her. She said she was his mate. He told her to leave he didn’t want her there. Then she said she thought wolves knew their mates. Selene than said she was a witch, a seer. Than she told him in monotone that the vampire emperor had walked into the sun. She also said the vampire whose heart beats because of a witch who belonged to a witch would take the seat.  Aric said he was not some prophetic wolf. Her hand started toward him and he couldn’t move, his wolf had been quelled. Aric yelled in pain and fell to his knees. She said he was the wolf she had seen him . he would give Percy his rightful place. Than a man called out to Selene. Selene said they may have to go to plan B. Than Aric’s world went black. The Ember Witches again summoned Rory. he did their bidding once he didn’t know if he wanted to do it again as he had left Divina. Esmine the leader of the coven told Rory he had been summoned to further his role in the prophecy. Then she said it was time for him to step up and be what he was created to be. He would be the Emperor who ruled over all his kind and anything that wasn’t human. Rory was to stick with Divina to get him on the throne and the vampire council. Perci was the next in line and Rory would use the wolves to defeat Percy. But it didn’t feel right. Divini thought it was time she went to meet the Ember Witches herself.

I really liked this book until the very end. Which ended in a big cliffhanger and I HATE cliffhangers.  That ruined this whole book for me as everything was left up in the air. So my rating fell down to a three almost to a two but I had really enjoyed the book until the end. I did love the characters and the ins and outs until the very end. I was very disappointed especially since this wasn’t a short book.