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Mixed Feelings

Blind Date Bet - Nicole Flockton

Isabella heard an alarm the second she walked out of the clothes store. The assistant told her the mall was being evacuated. She noticed the crowd was thinning than she heard what sounded like a child crying. Isabella worked her way back in. Then she was stopped by a man and said she was a fifth grade school teacher missing one of her students. Than she saw a little boy who looked to be in second grade. The man again told her to leave. That people trained in this type of situation would take care of the boy.  She finally listened and left. It looked to be a serious situation and he had probably done her a favor. Ethan needed his head examined, sober he never would have agreed to a blind date, not after the time Linc had talked him into meeting kathy Birdland. A disaster the moment she opened her mouth . what he needed to do now was swear off tequila shots. They led him to wearing a red fedora so school teacher Isabella Knowles would recognize him. Linc assured him Isabella was hot. Sam was Ethan’s k-nine partner at work. Ethan was in the Air Force. He’d left her on the base to enjoy her weekend. Something pinged in his memory like he’d met her before but he couldn’t remember where. In his job Ethan needed to make quick study of his surroundings and people . even the most innocent person or object could have a bomb hidden on them. Ethan could use with a little distraction while he was stateside and for once Linc didn’t lie. He wasn’t a player like Linc. It had been a long time had anything resembling a serious relationship. He wanted to settle down, have a wife, house , and kids. He just had to find the right woman who wanted the same future. Most of Ethan’s family had been in the military. Ethan knew he'd be a career military man. Than Ethan remembered the woman in the mall the day of the bomb scare. He wondered should he go or stay. But he wasn’t one to bail on a date. Isabella recognized him and started to argue but her face turned white and she looked like she seen a ghost and got up to leave saying “ Sorry Ethan”. Ethan was military. She recognized the buzz cut he wore anywhere. In fact she had seen it on her dad all her life. The style brought back so many painful memories. What a dumb idea to go on a blind date her dad had set up. Memories she’d buried roared to life. Memories of another time and military person who had brought her happiness. Memories of when that was ripped away and she was lost in her pain.  Isabella had married her H S sweetheart Travis when she was eighteen. He had enlisted. He had been killed not long after in a freak training accident. She swore than never to get involved with another enlisted man no matter how attracted she was to him. Meredith had been isabella’s friend since college Both of them had started college later than normal due to circumstances beyond their control they connected their first class they had taken together. They both had traumatic events in their pasts- Meredith had lost her parents in a car accident when she was young. So when one of them was down, the other knew how to bring them out of their funk. Her father had dared isabella to call ethan and make a another date with him. Knowing what she had went through with one man who had been in the military. She did end up calling Ethan and they were to meet at Casa Del Sanchez. Isabella made Ethan think of things he hadn’t thought of in long time. Ethan hoped this date was a success. Ethan believed that people could fall in love in a couple of days as his father had seen his mom and said that was it for him and his mom said the same thing. Isabella had fried Ethan’s senses quicker than an egg on a hot plate.

I had mixed feelings about this book. I did like how kind and patient Ethan was. But it was hard to like Isabella with how one minute she pulled Ethan to her and the next she pushed him away. If you can’t deal with him being in the military than let him go for good. I understand her past but she can either handle his career or she couldn’t she wasn’t a child. At times this book seemed a little rushed to me. I did like the premise of the plot though. I would have liked to seen Sam the dog more in this book as she was a large part of Ethan’s life. I  took me awhile to get through this - longer than it should have. I did like seeing the growth of the relationship between Isabella and her father. I did chuckle at times and choked up at others while reading this book. So as you can tell I had mixed feelings about this book.