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Great Story and Characters

Packaged Husband - Noelle  Adams

Chelsea offered to help Owen masterson repackage his image to attract higher profile designers for partnership with Mastersons Department Stores. Chelsea felt after twenty four years of being the pretty one was getting old. Melissa was the  one who makes things happen without even trying. Sam was the smart one. . Chelsea was the youngest and spoiled one- the pretty one. The spoiled princess, Chelsea can be counted on to look good and most people don’t try to look beyond that. Pop was her grandfather He founded a successful regional chain of restaurants - Pop’s Home cooking. Pop is the only family the sisters have since their parents died when Chelsea was eight . Chelsea admits to being spoiled and doesn’t try to deny it. But it’s time now for chelsea to live her own life. Pop was old fashioned as they come. Chelsea doesn’t have much of a temper. She’s a good natured person. She likes to laugh and understand people. Chelsea’s best friend is Eva who she had known since kindergarten. She called after lunch with Pop, she went shopping but bought nothing as she wanted to find the right dress for her interview with Owen. when eva asked what happened at lunch Chelsea just said Pop was disappointed she didn’t find a good job and disappointed in everything else about her. He also said Chelsea wasn’t grown up enough to get a husband. Owen tells her at her interview he would like Chelsea to be his trophy wife for one year if not that he would take the three month dating contract she had made up. Chelsea and owen go on a month of dates than take off to vegas to get married to make it look romantic . Chelsea even had Owen sing her Can’t Help Falling In Love With You  and recorded it on her phone to show designers Owen wasn’t an old fuddy duddy.

I loved this story.It was a fast paced, sweet, romantic love story with just the right amount of anst. Definitely a new favorite of mine. I loved the plot also. I loved how Owen changed especially with Chelsea as the had more time together. I also loved the ending. I also loved the relationship chelsea had with her two sisters as well as Eva. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this book including the couple of twists and I highly recommend it. .