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Great Story and Characters

Wrong Bed, Right Roommate (Accidental Love #1) - Rebecca Brooks

Jessie’s best friend and roommate was Talia and they live in NYC. Jessie was about to start her dream job at Honeywell Press. Her boss was Marlene Chen and she was to be Marlene’s Editorial Assistant. New York publishing was notoriously cutthroat. Jessie knew she had not been Marlene’s first choice.  Marlene was one of the biggest Y A fantasy editor in the business. Talia was in London with a dance company and she just found out that the subleter had backed out. Jessie can’t afford the apartment by herself. Talia’s brother Shawn was two years older than Jessie. When they were in HS he had slept with two of Talia’s friend and she had lost these to friends as they had never talked to Talia again.  It had been quite a week for Shawn with packing all his stuff and jumping on a plane and convincing Kevin to to trust him with a major promotion and hoping he wasn’t making another mistake with his life. Now he was going to take over his sisters room and be a roommate to Jessie. He was trying not to be the old Shawn . Shawn was here to show he could do this. He needed to get to Thunder Brewery tomorrow and be early so he could get the lay of the land before his shift started. All Shawn needed to do was lie low and focus on the brewery. Shawn accidently picked the wrong bedroom  and ended up next to Jessie. He apologized as he crawled back over her, all he had on were boxers his thigh accidently hit hers and it felt like something zinged straight through Lainey. Something hard. And sharp, and hot, and jagged, but also rich, and soft, and warm all at once. Shawn had never even looked at Lainey when she was in H S. She was at their house a lot with Talia. Jessie wasn’t like Shawn - that was a good thing: she didn’t do whatever she wanted to do without thinking of anyone else, she didn’t lose one job after another, she didn’t move across country without warning. Jessie didn’t screw with everything that so much as breathed in her direction. She also didn’t show up at people’s apartments in the middle of the night. Let alone their bedroom. Shawn talked Jessie into going to the brewery with him. They ended up having sex that night but both agreed it was a mistake and wouldn’t happen again.   But it did happen again.

I loved this book. It had just the right amount f everything I definitely have a new favorite romance novel. This was an  easy sweet romantic read with just enough angst. I loved Jessie and Shawn together and how they interacted together and couldn’t seem to stop the journey they had accidently started on together. I loved Jessie and Talia’s relationship and how they had each other’s back. Also when Talia realized she was wrong about Shawn and Jessie she se out to do her best to help make things right. I didn’t want to put this down. I read it in one day. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this book and I highly recommend it.