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Aphrodite's Tears - Hannah Fielding

Aphrodite’s tears   hannah fielding 4

Oriel is an English  archaeologist and goes to Greece to work. Oriel’s special interest is Greek history and she specializes in underwater archaeology. She jumps at the chance to work on an ancient roman Galley shipwreck as it’s her dream job and opportunity of a lifetime.  She had a one night stand along time ago and Damien was the man who when she woke up he was gone and she didn’t even know his name and that hurt Oriel. Six years later Damian saw her picture on the application for the diving job and knew he had to hire her. She os the best qualified for the job. Oriel is offered the  diving expedition as senior archaeologist but isn’t as excited when she sees who is the head of the expedition. He still continues to affect her like he did that one fantastic night long ago that she never forgot . but neither had Damian. Damien owns and rules his island Helios. . He is also an archaeologist and is heading this project and therefore Oriel’s boss. Oriel makes it clear they were only to have a professional relationship. Damian is going to try to change Orioles mind.   Damien narrates Greek myths and legends. Damian has had a lot of grief and mystery in his life like his brothers death in suspicious circumstances. He also has a beautiful but disabled unhinged cousin Helena who is in a wheelchair and who wants Damian with no one.

I really enjoyed this book. I felt like I was there with Damian and Oriel. I really liked how the author added at the end of the book what is factual and based on facts and what was not. I feel this was well written but I did think this could have been a little shorter. I didn’t want to put this down. I really enjoyed the mystery, and  intrigue. Damian and Oriel did have hot chemistry. But there was some repetitive things on this book. I loved how Oriel stood up for herself. I really liked the plot. There are: ancient festivals, hot chemistry, a long ago one night stand, mystery, intrigue, a dead brother, a dead wife, a handicapped jealous cousin, a sunken ship, treasure, smuggling , even a volcano, sexual tension, and so much more in this book. I loved the characters and the twists and turns of this book and I recommend it.