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Should've Been You: A Man Enough Romance - Nicole Perkins McLaughlin

Jase and Becca have know each other since they were children. They each had feelings for each other but neither knew that as Becca’s twin sister Hannah lied to Jase as she was jealous of Becca and made him believe Becca hated him and Hannah was Jace’s best friend and he believed her. Becca had crushed on Jase since she was ten and he was twelve.  Everyone believed Hannah and Jase would someday take their relationship to romance but that never happened. Becca’s father had brought Jace - when he was fourteen-home one Christmas Eve as his father was an abusive alcoholic and beat him and his mother had never stopped her husband. So they seen Jase a lot at as they grew up but Jase was always with Hannah.  Both Hannah and Becca teachers but Becca moved away . Becca was home for a few days for the holidays. Jace had went away to go in the service now he is home and started a cattle ranch and lives with his mother. Becca has now know Jase for eighteen years. Than Hannah gets engaged bit not to Jase but ot her on again off again musician boyfriend. Jase no longer knows his place in Hannah’s life and starts hanging out with Becca in his spare time they both than find out they had been crushing in each other when they were younger. But Becca has a boyfriend Brian back home and she expected a proposal during the holidays. Jase and Becca end up together and becca had cheated on Brian.

I really liked this story but there were also things I didn’t like. Becca and Jace had hot chemistry bit I didn’t like the cheating cal Brian and end it before being with Jace. This was a sweet romantic read except for the cheating that took some of the sweetness away. But I did really enjoy the building up of Jace and Becca’s relationship. I thought twins usually Had a special bond not the meanness and conniving Hannah displayed toward her twin with her lie. I was glad Jase and Becca found each other. I found it hard to like Hannah after what she did to Becca with her lies. I advise you to read the other books in this series for a smoother read. This was a novella and I think with everything that went on in the book it should have been longer, a full length novel maybe. Anyway I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this book and I recommend it.