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great book and great characters

Secret Millionaire for the Surrogate  - Donna Alward

Harper felt it was odd being the person in front of the camera instead of behind. She was used to being the wedding photographer . Adele was harper’s best friend and it was Adele’s wedding day. Harper was the only bridesmaid and Drew stood up with his brother Dan. Harper was no good at flirting and even worse when it came to personal space and touching. She never quite knew where to put her hands or where to look.  Harper was not confident when it came to men especially good looking ones who said the right things without trying. They had a habit of just turning around and walking away just when you thought it was safe enough to believe . to trust. Drew told harper her would like to get to know her better but Harper said no. He did also say her nature pictures were great and why didn’t she decide to devote herself to them. Harper told him the wedding and other occasions photography paid the bills so she could do some nature photography. Adele had cancer at a young age and couldn’t have children of her own. Harper told her she would be her surrogate and carry a baby for her. She had just taken a pregnancy test and she was pregnant. Adele and dan would have their child. Adele had made Harper feel like she had a home and some roots. Drew didn’t stay in one place for very long cause when he did he got itchy to be on his way again. But Adele was hovering over harper a little too much but harper didn’t want to hurt Adele and didn’t say anything. Than Drew showed up when Harper was at dans and Adeles and dan told Drew about the baby and all harper was doing for them. He told harper she was doing something amazing but at first he wondered what she was getting out of it. Harper was attracted to Drew but knew it would go nowhere. Drew was going with Harper the next morning why she went looking for nature pictures to take. Drew was normally up this early to have some time to hike in nature before he had to be to work. Today he would be with Harper. He knew he couldn’t be interested in her romantically as she was the surrogate carrying his brothers baby- his niece or nephew. But he liked her, he had since the wedding. She challenged him even when she was sweet and unassuming. Drew made his fortune and was a millionaire as owner of Aspen Outfitters and always liked to move around and not settle in one place. Drew had heard his parents arguing when he had been young and his father had given up his dreams for his family. Drew had feared settling down every since.

I did really enjoy this book. I loved Drew and Harper together and how they interacted with each other. I also loved there was a slow build up to their romance. I loved Adele’s and Harper's friendship. I loved that Harper was willing to carry Adele and Dan’s child even knowing it would be painful to give the baby up when it was born. I also loved the relationship Harper had with Jumy her employee at the shop. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this book and I highly  recommend it.