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Good Story and Good Characters

Hard Play - Sheryl Nantus

Dylan Mccourt was in his office high above the dance floor of the Las vegas nightclub- The Devil’s Playground. The club was filled to capacity. The one way glass and the scenic view gave him a chance to catch trouble before the men of the floor could see it. Than he saw a businessman grab one of the servers butt. Dylan calls down to Ace and tells him to get the men out of the club. Dylan also said there was a woman at the door and to check her card and bring her to his office. Dylan was seldom wrong when it came to someone looking for help from the Brotherhood. Than there was a tap on Dylan’s door and Ace introduced the young woman as Lisa. The Devil’s Playground was a solid entertainment spot with a good reputation and a decent set of DJs who kept up with the latest music trends. Security was tight and polite and anyone trying to cause trouble would be shown to the door quickly and efficiently. Dylan said to Lisa you talked to Peter she said yes and he gave her the business card Dylan  now has and sent her to talk to them. Talk to Dylan specifically. Lisa said yes her was her last chance. Than Dylas asked her about her problem. Dylan already had a briefing from Peter but he wanted it straight from Lisa. Lisa said she had a best friend Jessie and lisa gave dylan a picture of Jessie. Jessie and Lisa had met in HS and became best friends. After they graduated they promised to look out for each other. Lisa got a job working for one of the hotels. Jessie joined the Las Vegas PD. She had quit about a year ago and became a private investigator. Jessie has been missing for a week. No phone call, no contact at all. Jessie had went undercover before. When Jessie had started working as a P I they set up a system for when she goes undercover and needs a safety net. Once a day she was suppose to text lisa some random letters. It looks like a wrong number. Maximum going three days without contact. Than Lisa was to raise the alarm. It’s been longer than that and no one will listen to Lisa. jessie was in trouble. On the fourth day she went to Jessie’s apartment with her key and found it had been searched and everything was a mess, clothes everywhere and whoever it was used Jessie’s own keys. Jessie didn’t tell Lisa anything about her client as she respected their privacy. Jessie had been going out at odd hours the last few months. Jessie doesn’t have any family left. Lisa gives Dylan the spare keys to Jessie’s office she had been there once but said she didn’t know what to look for. Dylan and asked if Lisa had went to the cops and she said she had but she could tell they weren’t taking her seriously. The cops didn’t act interested at all. Lisa thinks it had something to do with Jessie leaving the force and  not on he best terms. Dylan told Lisa he felt they could find jessie. Dylan represented a group of people who take on cases that are outside the norm. Lisa said she would pay whatever their fee was and Dylan said they would discuss payment after they brought Jessie home. Lisa gave Dylan a folder with everything she could think of concerning Jessie that may somehow help. Dylan than stressed lisa couldn’t say anything about this meeting no matter what. To keep helping people they needed total secrecy. There was something about Jessie in that picture that drew Dylon. Jessie was seeking evidence to convict mobster Edward Moloclavi who had a lot of police on his payroll. Keeping his image clean. Even though Jessie knew Moloclavi had shot her father. Jessie had been working undercover in Moloclavi’s casino. But than Moloclavi believes Jessie stole some information form his office and kidnaps her. Dylan and his team rescue Jessie and they are ready to help her bring down Moloclavi.

I liked this book a lot. I really enjoyed the action and suspense. Also the plot and pace of this book.  There was very hot chemistry between Dylan and Jessie. I loved Dylan and Jessie together and how they interacted together. I also liked how they worked as a team. I loved how Jessie used her training to help Dylan and his team rescue her. I liked the closeness Devon and his team had. I loved the characters and the twists and turns of this book and I recommend it.