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Mixed Feelings

Sheltered (The Cities Below) - Jen Colly

Rollin is a Balinese Guardian who’s been a protector all his life. He was raised by his adopted mom Cat who also raised four other kids whon Rollin loves as his own siblings. Rollin has moved out on his own but still stops to see Cat every morning as she is close to giving birth. Rollin is worried about two of his four siblings more than the other two. Bette is an aristocratic vampire   from Valenna and has been dominated by the evil Lady and It’s Captain. Her parents had been killed and she is wanted to mark and mate her for money because of hre station. To prevent a mating mark from being forced on her Betty locks herself in her house for the next ten years.About once a month a friend comes and brings Bette something to eat. Now Bette’s sanity is in question and the sun calls to her which would be instant death. So Bette has decided to seduce one of the guardians and she would have her own protector but also Bette believes the only bond she can form and will save her life is the bond between a mother and child. She wants to get pregnant. Bette gets to Balenere which is a haven for all who need refuge. Rollin and another Guardian are on shift. Bette tells rollin she is being chased by demons. Rollin doesn’t believe her but lets her in anyway and takes her to his own home.  Bette and Rollin have secrets that they try to hide from one another.From the beginning Bette and Rollin are barely apart and Rollin doesn’t want to let Bette go.Rollin needs to be needed and Bette needs him. He tries to make Bette feel safe. Bette finds herself falling for Rollin. Bette understands more about Rollin than his family does. Bette is the first woman Rollin has ever got close to. Soon Rollin is falling for Bette and she for him. But she also knows association with her could ruin Rollins future. She is starting to doubt her original plan is worth Rollin sacrificing his dream as she loves him now. But there are guardians letting demons into the city and others fighting for money. Rollin hungers to mark Bette as his own but than Betet disappears.

I had mixed feelings about this book. Like Bette locking herself in wehen Vampires can go right through doors and walls. I also felt this could use some action to liven it up. But I did enjoy this book I just wouldn’t read this again and that goes into my rating. I did love Rollin and Bette together. They were really want each other needed. I also got irritated by hearing about the age difference so what vampires tend to live a long time if not killed or go into the sun. i did also like the plot. I felt bad bette was at the point of wanting to commit suicide. At times this felt a little rushed to me. I also HATE cliffhangers and that also added to the drop in ratings for me. I got a little confused at times while reading this also. There were also a few too many side plots. As you can see i have mixed feelings on this book.