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Great Story and Characters

#Starstruck - Sariah S. Wilson

Zoe had tweeted her thoughts that  her favorite actor Chase Covington-was a little flat in his last role. She soon found out she was the only one that felt that way and started getting hate tweets by other fangirls when she went to delete the tweet chase had tweeted her back. He had ten million followers, Zoe wondered how he had seen her tweet so quickly and answered back so fast. Chase did tweet pretty regular and tried to engage with his fanbase. Chase was an extremely talented actor and easily one of the best in Hollywood and he had been in the business since the age of four years old. At twenty five he had an Academy Award under his belt. He would never let anyone pigeonhole him, he even now he played rom-coms, moody historicals, and indie dramas. The story of Zoe’s life - to get all excited over something that turned out to be absolutely nothing. Zoe was a senior in college earning an accounting degree. Zoe had turned her phone off while working on her paper at the library when she turned it back on she saw she had about thirty texts from her roommate and best friend Lexi. She was a theater major and was prone to dramatics. Lexi was the reason Zoe had become  a big fan of Chase Covington in the first place. Zoe had been homeschooled by her Amish grandparents until her mother came back into her life and took Zoe with her. The first thing she did was put Zoe in a public school. Zoe was twelve years old and didn’t know how to make friends. Lexi had come to her rescue. She had went up to Zoe and asked her if she loved Chase Covington. Zoe would agree to anything to have a friend. Lexi was still pretty much Zoe’s only friend ten years later. Lexi and Zoe were the definition of opposites attract. Zoe had babysat for a rich woman who paid her extremely well since she was sixteen. She had just talked to her to find out they were moving away Saturday. Zow was out of a job that paid for her rent and food. Zoe and Chase actually met. He was intrigued with someone who was totally honest with him and was herself.No one had ever disagreed with Chase. Also everyone wanted something from him even his own mother. Zoe could not believe she was dating Chase. First it started out as just friends but had since grown to more. Zoe had decided to save herself until she married and told Chase that. Chase tweets and words say one thing but his actions say another. He hadn’t even kissed her yet. Zoe had not yet told lexi that she was dating Chase. Zoe was glad she signed a NDA as she could not tell anyone she was dating Chase. Than Zoe and Chase’s secret relationship is leaked to the press and she is losing Chase as well as her best friend Lexi. She is alone and how could something so great cause so much pain and anguish as Chase didn’t believe Zoe didn’t leak to the press herself  and broke up with her. Zoe is miserable but so is Chase he really loved Zoe and really he knew Zoe wouldn’t do anything to hurt him to use him.

I loved this book. It was a fantastic fun romantic book . I have a new favorite romance even if it was an older book. I loved the dates Chase planned for him and Zoe. I loved the ending of this book. I loved that Chase respected Zoe’s decision to be a virgin when she married. My attention was grabbed at the beginning of this book and stayed until the ending. I didn’t want to put this down. I liked the regular build of Chase and Zoe’s relationship. I liked it wasn’t all peaches and cream for them more realistic. I loved where Zoe was at a point where she was willing to forego her morals and Chase stopped things. I loved Zoe’s family. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this book and I highly recommend it.