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Great Story and Characters

Unfinished Business - Carolyn Ridder Aspenson

Angela’s mother Fran had passed away. But her mother’s scent was still on the hospice bed. Than Angela heard her mother call and saw her in the same nightgown she passed away in. Fran told Angela she had told her if she could come back she would and there she was. Angela told her she should have went through the light. Fran said there was a light and she would go back to itbut she had some stuff to down here first.  She also said she had some unfinished business but wouldn’t say what. Than she told Angela to sit up and listen to her It was important. Angela is married to jake and they have two kids- Emily who was fifteen and Josh who was ten. Fran dying had really messed with Angela’s brain. Carolyn and Jake went to the funeral home and was met there by her two brothers John and Paul. Carolyn ended up taking control of the meeting. Fran came to Angela again late that night. To angela Fran embodied strength both mentally and physically. It had been heartbreaking to watch the cancer destroy her mom. Fran advised Angela to leave the past in the past and get along better with her brothers. Angela told Fran that she is talking bs as patrince was never one of Fran’s virtues and forgiveness wasn’t in Frans vocabulary. Than Fran wasn’t around for days. On the way to Chicago to Fran’s memorial and burial with her parents Josh said grandma said she didn’t want Uncle John screwing up burying her in Chicago and he said Fran had told him last night. Angela and Fran make sure Emily is safe when issues are revealed. Fran somehow kicked a psychic ability in Angeal and now she saw dead people everywhere. Angela is now a medium even if she wasn’t too happy about it and a ghost whisper as Fran pushes Angela to help those who haven’t moved on.

I loved this book. Even though the subject of a dead parent is a tough subject Fran becoming a ghost  was a big part of this book but was done in such a way that is just right and you can still enjoy the story and not be depressed while reading it. I loved Fran i just got a kick out of her. I loved Angela and Mels relationship and how she was there for Angela. I also loved Angela and Jake had a strong marriage with no cheating or abuse after several years. I loved how the author brought up several issues realistically. I laughed at different times while reading this. I loved the plot and pace. To me this was just a great enjoyable book and I was glad to have been given the chance to read it. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this book and I highly recommend it.