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Good Story and Good Characters

Deep Into Trouble: An Unbroken Heroes Novel - Dawn Ryder

Ginger and Karen were librarians. Ginger had a job with the state as a researcher as she was just nosy and now she gets paid to read through people’s details.CPS needed to know the dirt on people and Ginger was nosy.  They were at a convention in New Orleans. Ginger and Karen had been cohorts in misadventures for years . they both had a passion for mayhem. Ginger was going to meet with Kitten- a stripper and give her the book she had. Karen and Ginger had met Kitten the night before and Ginger was determined to give her the book Kitten had been promised. But first Ginger stepped to get some different clothes that were more appropriate to party in. Ginger might have to toe the line during work hours but she setting in the lobby after when Bourbon street was a couple hundred feet away. Captain Brams magnus told Special Agent Saxon Hale that she goes by the name of  Kitten. She poses as a stripper on the street when she is on the lookout for her boss. Saxon said tell him why no one sees the Raven’s face and still he runs a major underground empire Saxon had followed his tips there but the residents of the community were tight lipped. But it wouldn’t be the first case he’d cracked through persistence. Saxon was determined .

not to leave until the Raven was in handcuffs and evidence to keep him locked up. But he also had a personal reason to be there and it centered on the photos Brams team had captured of former Special Agent  Tyler Martin. Saxon was very interested in taking Tyler down. Before he took another shot at hi, or his brother Vitus. Tyler was a rogue- a traitor- and he didn’t care who he so long as it got what he wanted. Saxon  had once him a superior among the Shadow Ops team. Bram said he had surveillance on Kitten taking three of the most recent victims. Into various bars but half the bar owners swear she’s a atripper in their barit proves nothing and Bram and Saxton were trying to seal a  leak that had taken men on both their teams. Their source was dead- Russian who went by Pratt. He’d been the Raven’s right hand man. Shadow Opps teams took the assignments no one else wanted. Dare Servant had been working the case for two months. Than Vitas had hauled in Congressman Ryland’s daughter Damasius who was being held in one of the buildings behind the famous Bourbon Street. It wasn’t the first time cases overlapped. Ginger stooped in a shop and got new clothes and was now on Bourbon Street looking for Kitten Bram and Saxon sees  Ginger. Bram and Saxon see Ginger go in the place where Saxon and Bram had a mission and she went in the building and Saxon knew she didn’t belong there. The place Ginger was going into was a nest of underworld thugs. Saxon takes Ginger and runs with her and his team. Ginger had witnessed a murder done by the Raven. He had killed one if his men right in front of Ginger. Ginger is being hunted by the murders to kill her for what she had seen and could testify against the Raven she had been the only one that had seen the murder happen. Saxon had to protect Ginger and keep her alive. But he also found he was attracted to her. They had a hot chemistry. Saxon found he couldn’t trust the people in charge as their safe house are comprised within minutes  of arrival. Saxon also is getting feeling for Ginger. Vitas even helps to protect Ginger and Saxon.

I really enjoyed this book. I loved the danger, action drama, and suspense. I loved Ginger and Saxon together and how they interacted with each other. I advise you to read the other books in this series before this one for a smoother read and for information and background. I loved the plot and pace. I really liked that Ginger didn’t melt down after what she was going through but instead she wants to help anyway that she can. I didn’t want to put this down. I think Ginger and Saxon should have taken time to build a relationship. I didn’t really care for the changing POVs  it was harder to follow the book. I really enjoyed the characters and the ins and outs of this book and I recommend it.