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Good Story and Good Characters

For Finlay - J.  Nathan

Caden is the perfect example of an egotistical jerk. He was no problem getting women. He is hot and he knows the women melt when he gives them his sexy wink and no. Until he meets Until he meets Finlay. Finlay hates Caden for reasons he doesn’t understand and wants to change Finlay’s mind about him. It’s tricky as he is in a relationship and wasn’t a guy who cheated. Finlay is trying to  honor the memory if her twin brother Cole. It had been his dream to play football and hopefully make it to the pros But Cole had a heart attack on the field. But Cole died too soon to see the dream fulfilled. Two years after Cole’s

death the shame and pain over her last conversion with Cole still haunts her. When the coach of the Alabama football team offers the opportunity to be the water girl for the team every practice and game , Finlay jumps at it. Finlay hopes to put her life back in order.  Caden is the star quarterback and he is the one who took Coles place. Finlay hates him. Caden hates dishonesty. Cole had been Finlays best friend as well as her twin. Cole died thinking Finlay hated him. When really Finlay was really proud of him and loved him. For her entire life finlay has run plays, watched practices and games, helped Cole to train and become better. Finlay was a freshman as she took a couple years off after Cole's death. Caden was a Junior. Cole was the football player everyone wanted to know , she used to hate it and resent Cole for all his fame in the town.. Finlay hated being referred as  Cole’s little sister . She wanted her own identity. When Finlay first starts as the watergirl Grady always had snarky comments for her until Caden stands up for her. Caden laughed at Cole’s funeral which added to Finlay’s hatred of him. Caden can’t seem to stay away from Finlay. Especially since they share a class and bus rides and keep bumping into each other at night as they both had insomnia.

I enjoyed  reading this book My attention was caught from the first page until the last. I didn’t want to put this down.This was a hate to love romance.  I chuckled at times and choked up at times while reading this. I really liked the plot and loved the pace. My heart broke for Finlay and the guilt she carried. I read this in one setting. I didn’t understand some of the scenes in this book. I didn’t really care for the ending. I felt this was fairly realistic. I loved seeing Caden and Finlay build a relationship. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this book and I recommend it.