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Mixed Feelings

Wanted and Wired (Tether) - Vivien Jackson

Mari adjusted her rifle. She had more rounds in a box but mari wouldn’t need them as she didn’t miss. Or she wasn’t used to missing. Mari was a gun for hire. Mari was also the daughter of one of the world’s most renowned scientist.  She was steady, fearless and was a badass. She lay prone two stories up in a half finished building waiting for her target. She was feeling crazy. It must be the thing. The job- the mechethon N series. Indistinguishable from a human person. She had a remote partner . heron and Mari were working partners , sharing a contract but not much else. On this job she was a shooter ro hia operations planner. But he had other assets in play: drones. cameras , bots, you name it. More dependable assets and as she was the only one who had to be talked down from having the shakes. Heron might pull bigger, more high profile contracts but most of Mari’s work was small time property destruction and softkill intercepts. She could bring down a clone easily but most drones don’t look like people. Mari shouldn’t have taken this job. Everything about it stinks. Heron had been against it from the start. But the payoff she had been promised that made it worthwhile. Heron said he didn’t trust the Texas Proversional Authority, he said he didn’t trust them with her. Heron said mari was his mission priority. Mission. Job. That’s all Mari was to Heron, getting her in and out of jobs was the beginning and end of his care for her. Mari sometimes thought of Heron as her guardian when things got hairy. Her usual contracts: thieving, demolition, corporate data smuggling- paid well enough that she could take off a few weeks, blush her mind and abuse her body in all the best ways. Mari was attracted to Heron. Maybe talking to him had settled her down. The quiver in her knuckles had eased, gone was the overwhelming need tp twitch, to run, to scrub the burnt 4rain smell out of her senses. Mari was [pretty accurate . maybe the best human shooter around but she she trusted Heron to let her know when  her angle was best, when she’d be clear of chrome interference. Now she would wait for his sign. Mari had a habit at not looking at death in the face even of machine death. Heron told her they got it. A jolt of wrongness went down her spine. But she needed to get herself together. She had twenty eight minutes to break down her weapon, toss some clothes over her muddy tank and leggings. And meet heron at the street level bodega for extraction. All these years looking out for Mari . protecting her, but this time he failed. The job was a disaster. Mari was now flagged as a enemy of the United North American Nation- UNAN . A texas rebel. A public danger. Shoot in sight. Not good. Texas had succeeded from the U S into another country and is battling for control against the UNAN. It was just a matter of time before the UNAN offered a bounty and a whole hoard of vigilante anti Texas contientatist would ce coming for Mari. His partner, his responsibility. He needed to order his thoughts. He needed to plan. He needed control. There was no way within normal parameters the authorities could have known her identity and location this quickly. Mari had been set up and he had a good idea who had done it. Heron had to go get Mari and get her out of here. Somewhere safe. Hide her. Interpol had her bios now but he suspected the UNAN agents would find her first. He knew what Mari thought about people with implanted tech, cyborgs. No better than machines. Mari could tell something was wrong. She just offed a whole organic . Murder of a organic was high stakes- Felony. Thirty to life. Murder had not been part of this contract. Doing something that wrong hurt. Hollowed her out, filled the new empty space with guilt, dark, amd yuck. And memories. She can’t wig out now, not in front of Heron. Heron exerted control over everything. His job, his environment, his drones. His body. His odd must of self possession and mystery Mari had a hard time resisting. He was doing everything he could to save her. Heron loved Mari but didn’t let her know as he believes Mari isn’t interested in him but on reality she feels the same as him., he kept everything professional until things change with they are on the run together. Heron and Mari were now in the most wanted list. Heron and Mari must figure out who betrayed them.

I had mixed feelings about this book. I enjoyed most of the book. I loved the action.But would have ;ied more background on a lot of things. I liked when Heron finally let mari know he cares about and wants her. I didn’t like the use of sci-fi terms. I was confused at times and these terms didn’t help. I did  enjoy the pace. I would have liked Mari and herons romance to be spread out a bit even though I know they were on the run for their lives. This dragged for me at times. I did like the twists in this. Soas you can see i did have mixed feelings.