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Not For Me

Dutch (The Keeper Series, #1) - Madhuri Blaylock, Madhuri Pavamani

Dutch was the most skilled Keeper and works for The Gate. Dutch has a manic talent for hunting down who he was to take down.  He is brutal His family tries to control Death as she keeps letting her poocha help with untimely deaths reclaim their lives. Juma is Death's most productive Poocha and kept off the Keeper rada most of the time until now. Juma’s role is to help the dead with going back into the world of the living. Jama is a Poocha which is the mortal enemy of the Keepers. Keepers exist to kill Poochas and prevent souls from reentering life.  Dutch was suppose to kill Jama several times but couldn’t do it. Dutch and Jama have hot chemistry. Death holds both worlds together and the stakes are extremely high for her. Dutch ahd to really look deeper into himself about Jama and what to do. Jama told marina what she thought of Dutch.

I didn’t really care for this. I was a little bored and almost didn’t finish this. I don’t care for all the sex and a lot of the language. This dragged for me. There os a couple things I did like that is why this was a two but overall this just wasn’t for me.