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Good Story and Good Characters

Flawed - Tracy Wolff

Tori heard Stephan ask “ So how rough do you like your sex?” Stephan was a mild mannered accountant by day and apparently closet BDSM enthusiast by night.  They were only twenty minutes into their first date and it was also a blind date. He also added he was into blood play. Ti=ori felt this was what you got for trying to clean up her act. Than he mentioned breathe play which involved choking and tori excused herself to go to the bathroom. Tomorrow will be soon enough to clean up- if Tori was over the trauma of this dinner by than. Tori walked past by the bathroom to the kitchen. She went from the kitchen to the back door. Once Tori gets home she remembers she was suppose to stop by her neighbor/long time friend Kathy's as it was her engagement party. Tori had helped plan the party. Tori tries to head to the bar but just doesn’t get there as she keeps getting stopped by people who had wanted to catch up as Tori has known a lot of the guests since she was in diapers. Since she pulled a disappearing act the last couple of months didn’t go by unnoticed. Tori had been a party girl living off her trust fund. But now she has graduated form college and wants to get a job and act more responsible. Tori didn’t want to explain to them she had avoided them while trying to clean up her life. After three drinks someone took the fourth one out of her hands and lead her to the dance floor. Than Tori finds out it is Chloe’s- her best friends - brother Miles. Girard and her arch nemesis as she blames him for what he had been involved in centering around Chloe. Miles had walked away form his million dollar company when he found out his parents used his sisters blood money as start up capital. Tori had been raped in H S  and the boys parents gave her parents money for not going to the police. Miles thinks Tori is a gorgeous mess even if she hates him. Most nights she would never allow him to touch her. The fact she is so pliable concerns Miles. Miles had watched her since Tori had got off the elevator. He knows something is wrong but she won’t tell him. The second clue that something was wrong Tori doesn’t say anything to Miles even after she’s wrapped in his arms. Normally Tori is a mouthy thing. This makes Miles worry. Miles had people always looking at him as strange his whole life and he’s been the absent minded genius with the too weird ideas for as long as he can remember and he’s not about to change now. Tori talks to her ex that night and he wants to hook up but Tori says no. Her ex is an up and coming actor who cant handle any rejection he released a sex tape form when they were together. Tori may say she hates Miles but she is attracted to him and he to her. Her father sees the sex tape. Tori ends up disowned by her family. Her father kicks her out of her house with a few clothes and no shoes or money.Tori’s father embarrasses Tori by implying she bought this on herself. it was her fault. So Tori has nowhere to go and ends up at Chloe’s husband’s -Ethan- beach house. So she must stay there until she figures things out. Miles protects Tori from her family as well as the media. He worked hard to get Tori’s sex tape taken off the net. Miles works for ethan now- Chloe's husband.

I really liked this book. But there were some things I didn’t like. I really liked that Tori stood up for herself and fought for herself. I didn’t like how Tori’s father wasn’t there for her when she needed him. Instead he turns his back on her and disowns her and kicks her out with basically nothing. This has some hot sex scenes. It angers me there is still a double standard between men and women to this day. I advise you to read all the books in this series in order for a smoother read. I did get annoyed at Tori at times, I really liked the characters and the ins and outs of this book and I recommend it.