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Good Story and Good Characters

Love Me Like You Do (NYC Singles #3) - Sasha Clinton

Jamie had to be at the studio as all hell was breaking loose.Jamie tried to reign in his panic. Martina had to quit and she played one of the most vital secondary characters in the show- Troubled Domesticity-the main couple's daughter had fifteen lines and a ton of screen time. They could not replace her. Scarlet- the assistant producer said she had no choice she had fell and injured her spine she would never walk again. They were only two weeks into filming the first season of the show. His thoughts said You’re a failure, You’re nobody without your famous father, your lucks over. He tried to quit his thoughts , he had to keep it together. Daniel and Scarlet had already tried looking for another actress but noone showed up that even remotely resembled Martina.  In two months the show is scheduled to air nationwide. This was the first time Jamie was doing something independent of his father and Star Studios. Everything hinged on Troubled Domesticity success and his future as a tv writer. His self worth , his bank balance- everything. Scarlet said all they could do is for Jamie to rewrite the whole script and explain the mysterious disappearance of her character from the second episode on. Having a show picked up by the cable network was a one in twenty thousand chance. No way was Jamie blowing his chance because of a missing actress. Than Scarlet said she’d leave it to Jamie but the shoot is on friday and it was already Wednesday. As producer and writer of the show it was Jamie’s job to keep everyone happy. Bella was at Trader Joe’s and bumped into Jamie. Than Jamie said she was the one, the one he was looking for. Bella was an assistant professor at NYU.  Her ex Bryan had smashed Bella’s self confidence by cheating on her. Every rejection felt like his. Every guy seemed to carry some part of Bryan. This morning in the tabloids Bryan was splashed across the tabloids making out with a model saying she was his girlfriend. Jamie than explained he wanted Bella to play a character in the sitcom. Than Bella said she couldn’t act. Jamie asked how he could convince Bella to take the part since the actress got hurt. Somehow bella ended up at cafe Grumpy with jamie. He told bella she’d make seventy five grand in two months and he’d get her an acting coach. Than Jamie told Bella to google him and she found out he wrote her all time favorite movie- Love Me Like You Do. jamie’s father had been a great dad for awhile and than just stopped. Jamie inherited his father’s -Grant star- but not Grant’s penchant for women who had more plastic in their body than a Barbie doll. Grant had helped Jamie get in touch with a number of studios to pitch his t v show and cheered him on every step of his career. Which was why Jamie could never hate Grant. Bella thought everyone deserved a best friend like Kat. Jamie and bella become friends than ended up lovers. But there is a time limit as jamie is to leave for L A in a couple of months. But Jamie does make Bella feel good about herself. Than there is Grant- Jamie’s father - and Eve. Grant has always went for much younger women but he somehow developed feelings for Eve who was his age.  She will not just go to bed with him. She is old fashioned in that respect. She also works for Grant.

I enjoyed this book. This was a fun romantic read. I chucked at times while reading this and at other times i choked up. I did enjoy the author's style of writing. I was glad Bella didn’t fall back in with Bryan after he had cheated on her and how he dumped her. I liked the plot and pace. I did think the subject of weight was brought up to often. Bella irritated me at times. I didn’t really care for the ending. I didn’t like how Grant at all in the beginning but he did improve . You had to pay attention or you could get confused while reading this as there is two seperate love stories in this book. I love the characters  and the ins and outs of this book and I recommend.