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Good Story and Good Characters

A Taste For Murder - Burl Barer, Frank Girardot

September 2000 was a busy month in the L A county homicide business. A total of eighty five residents were shot, stabbed, beaten, or strangled. Officer Stephen Sharpe  went to the 927 David- possible dead body. He arrived at a lovely ranch style house and was met by Angie Rodriguez, and her daughter Autumn tearfully clinging to her mother’s side. She said he’s not breathing. Angie’s husband-Frank- was laying facedown on the bedroom floor. Sharpe checked, Frank was dead and already cold to the touch. There was blood coming from his nose and blood began to pool under the skin around his knees too. Frank had died of natural causes. Angela/Angie said: on Tuesday Frank returned from a field trip with H S students. He supervised a  school district boot camp tired and groggy. Wednesday he went to work but came home early sick. Wednesday night he started vomiting. By Thursday he couldn’t move. Angie took Frank to the E R, the doctor said it looked like food poisoning or flu. The doctor told Frank to get a lot of rest and drink Gatorade. Te couple was demonstratively religious in attitude and consistent behavior. Franks condition seemed to worsen as the night went on. Angie fell to sleep on the couch watching tv and woke up around three and decided to go to bed and found Frank on the floor. Pastor Joseph Garcia came to offer comfort and condolences. When Frank;s body was rolled over there was a mustard colored fluid on the carpet. Franks sister Rebecca called Angie after Angie had called Rebecca’s mother about Frank It didn’t make sense Frank was never sick. He was always healthy. He took care of himself and had an iron clad constitution. Frank was fanatical about his health. I reality death came in four ways: Accident, suicide, murder, and natural causes. Brenda Shafer was suspicious of Franks death from the moment she arrived. Her job was to interview all witnesses. She labeled the suspected cause of death:Natural/Homicide.  Officer Sharpe found Franks death suspicious also. There was no known reason for Frank Rodriguez to die suddenly. The man was one hundred percent healthy except he was dead. Healthy people seldom just drop dead. Angie had a bad childhood including an incentuous relationship with her grandfather. Angie’s greed took her to a whole new level of evil.

I have to say I enjoyed this book but considering the subject I feel enjoyed isn’t the right way to phrase it. Either way this caught my attention and interest and kept it until  the end. I didn’t want to put this down. Angie was cold and completely heartless and this wasn’t her first murder of a family member. I was glad to see Angie wasn’t as smart as she thought she was. I felt this was a very good true crime book. It just always surprises/ jolts me what evil is in the world and what people will do for greed. This was a fast read. There was a lot of twists and turns in this book and I recommend it.