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Great Story and Characters

Bayou Bound (Fleur de Lis Series book 2) - Linda Joyce

Nick never thought he’d choose a date with a dog over a date with a hot looking woman . Capt Jack told Nick how he appreciated him coming out on a night like this. Nick said he had just been pulled from a date. Than Nick said Sugar the dog and new mom was a better date than the woman he had left at the Seafood Shak. Capt told Nick he needed a woman, that the right woman would give him the real warmth he needed. But the right woman hadn't showed up. Marriage required commitment. He refused to walk in the wake of his parents, poster children for a bad marriage. Nick was determined that wasn’t going to happen to him. Biloxi Noel Dutrey ended up in a water filled ditch, not the homecoming she had planned. She knew this road like the back of the hand, had traveled it hundreds of times. Now she had to ruin her clothes and get out and assess the damage. Than she went to open the door and a force on the the other side yanked. She held onto the door but it pulled her from the seat. She ended up on her back, feet still inside the car. A man asked if she was alright and  she said no. Strong hands grasped her under her arms and got her on her feet. Than he said “ Brana Lind?” “What are you doing out here?” But he had called her by her cousins name He offered to run her home in his truck but fear gripped her. Biloxi had worked too hard on her plan to give up on it now because of a minor setback. Home provided the security she craved and with Branna gone, it was her time to shine as number one. She had a mission. Biloxi felt Nick was a stubborn man just like Gregory. Men who liked to dominate. She had enough of them. Biloxi stumbled into a gaping hole.Than Nic again rescued her and taking her to the E R. Nick and Biloxi’s family have a long standing feud yet Nick and Biloxi are very attracted to each other. Nick would like to find someone, settle down, and start a family. Biloxi wants control as the keeper of the family to bring them into today’s world biloxi wants to save her family home.. Both Nick and Biloxi had been hurt by the past.Nick’s mom had left him when he was ten years old. Why, when he was an adult he hired the best to find her.  Biloxi knew she should avoid Nick but she can’t resist him or he her. Biloxi had a jet setting photography career but decides her family is more important and goes home. Nick was a vet. Will Nick and Biloxi get past their family’s differences?

I loved this book It was a sweet easy read. I loved the plot and pace. I advise you read the first book in this series for a smoother read. I loved Biloxi and Nick together and how they interacted together.  I loved Biloxi gave up her photography career to come home and try to help save her family home. I didn’t want to put this down. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this book and I highly recommend it.