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Good Story and Good Characters

The Greek Tycoon's Tarnished Bride - Rachel Lyndhurst

Erica Silver had a holiday fling. It was only supposed to be a one night stand but ended up lasting a week. Erika ended up pregnant. After the first trimester she didn’t see her baby’s father anymore. What erika didn’t know was her baby daddy an the whole male side of his family had been killed in a bomb attack. Her son Nick was the next in line to be heir to a big money inheritance. Erika’s world was Nick. She became a exotic dancer at a gentlemen's club. Erica is twenty two also going to college to get a degree in psychology.  Tito was Nick’s father's best friend. He was rich and and successful and used to getting what he wants without much of a problem. He also swore never to settle down after seeing his parent’s marriage. He finds about about Erika’s and Nick’s child's existence along with the rest of Nick’s parental family. He promised his best friend if anything happened to him Tito would take care of the baby and it’s mother. They decide Nick should be raised in Greece with all the appropriate cultural heritage. They also decide Erica is not a fit mother as she works in a gentlemen’s club. Erica’s mom was a prostitute but Erica was not. Nick’s paternal family as well as Tito judge Erica without knowing her in any way. As far as they were concerned she was a gold digging floozy. Even though Erica didn’t know anything about her baby daddy’s position or money. Titp was repulsed by the women at the gentlemen’s club and wants to get Nick away from Erica and return to Crete with him. Than he decides it would be better to marry Erica so he doesn’t separate mother and son and the bond they had and take them both back to Crete. Besides Tito doesn’t want to fight Erica in court to get Nick. Erica agrees to Tito’s proposal for Nick’s safety and he is the important one. She wants what is best for her son. Tito and Erica are attracted to each other but fight it as this was only a marriage of convenience.

I enjoyed this book but I do feel at times Erika acted immaturely. But I loved Nick was the most important thing in her life after feeling his father deserted them and having to work at the gentlemen's club. I did really like how Tito was with Nick and later Erica. At first he was just so cold to her that I didn’t care for him. But he does grow on you. At least he did realize it wouldn’t be right to take Nick form his mother. I didn’t care for any of the members of the Greek families- not Nicks or Tito’s. This was a quick, and easy read but also emotional. The ending felt a little rushed to me. But I did love the characters and the ins and outs of this book and I recommend it.