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Not For Me

Academy Girls - Nora Carroll

At Grove Academy they learned three lessons: literature is a kind of religion , only failures got married, and though we would eventually leave the academy, the spirit of the Grove would always stay with us. They were careless about the way we discussed our futures. Kat was the poet, Lissa the beauty, and Jane-me- who was suppose to be the serious one. They held fast to ideals- truth, good manners, beauty, and to far flung destinies. All of them assumed that the Grove would open her arms to welcome them again, if the need should ever arise. 35 years later- Jane’s son - charlie- who is now fifteen jane lives for Charlie. They had just come to the Grove. If she screwed this up they would have nothing. Jane felt this is what the Grove would have taught them- First: don’t believe what they tell you in books, Second: marry money Third: the third lesson may have been right after all. Jane was a divorcee, mother of one, a failed novelist, broke and given a one year position to teach English to seniors at the Grove. Lissa is married to the television producer Martin Edelstein and he intervened on Jane’s behalf for the job. This was no longer just a school for girls but coed. It was now hardley- Grove Academy. At one time Jane had sworn to never set foot in the Grove again and for a very good reason she was trying hard not to think about. They needed jane to be the housemother of Abbott North. Charlie will be with a dorm full of girls and expected to be a good respectful boy.

I just couldn’t get into this book. I tried two different times and this dragged for me. It also just didn’t hold my attention. I am sure others will really like it, just wasn’t for me.