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Good Story and Good Characters

Destiny's Plan (Destiny's Series) (Volume 1) - Victoria Saccenti

Raquelia/Raquel and her younger sister Marite are ripped from their loving Papa’s horse ranch by their mother Isobel and have a long train ride to Florida. Raquel is seventeen and had led a very sheltered life.  Raquel meets Matthew/Matt as there was no other seat by her mother and sits next to him. He is on his way to join the Army and than Viet Nam. Matt and Raquel manage to fall in love while on the train and believe they are soulmates. Raquel and Matt are seperated for two in a half years. Raquel believes Matt had died in Viet Nam and turn to her friends for support at this heart breaking time.  As she is more like a parent to her mother and not the other way around and they just aren’t close. Raquel runs off to to NYC with her friends.

I liked this book a lot it was a beautiful romance even through the pain in it. I felt this could have been a shorter book. But
did feel this was well written. I really liked the author brought in duty to one's country and the Vietnam war. I did also enjoy the drama in this book. I felt like I was there with Raquel and Matt. this drag for me at times. I loved how Raquel gave Matt her medal to protect him while he was away at war. I would have  liked a little less sex. I enjoyed the characters and the twists and turns of this book and I recommend it.