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Not For Me

Losing Her - Cori Williams

Lawson was a rising country star with his band. Lawson enjoys his life style until he meets Campbell. They had been on tour for about year and were playing at a country fair when Lawsom met Campbell. Lawson fell for Campbell at first sight bit doesn’t realize it at first. He just knows she isn’t like any other girl he knows. Campbell pretty much took care of herself growing up. Campbell is finishing up her senior year in HS. But campbell wouldn’t let Lawson get too close to her as as she didn’t want to be one of his groupies but the id have one great night together. Lawson leaves without goodbye but when he is back on the road he realizes he loves Campbell  and she is the only girl he wants. but it is too late. Lawson agreed to be her friend and they became best friends. But he also hoped one day she would be his. At times they became close but the timing wasn’t good. Than Campbell falls in love with Connor and she marries him as she wanted stability in her life. But once they move in together Campbell finds she really didn’t know her husband that well at all. In reality the man she fell in love with and married is irrational, very jealous, and undermining. He encouraged and captivated Campbell’s fears. Campbell wonders if she will be able to break free from Connor.

I loved this story and it was a strong four almost five until it ended in a cliffhanger and I just hate those. This puts you on an emotional roller coaster. I enjoyed the suspense. I loved how Lawson was always there for Campbell. This had a fast pace and a good plot. I was a little confused at times while reading this though. The author handed the domestic abuse well. I didn’t like how Connor made Campbell feel. This book has: lust, love, betrayal, mild domestic abuse. loyalty, jealousy, addiction, lost chances, friendship, and so much more. I like the characters and the twists and turns of this book. But with cliffhanger and a few other things it was just a three for me.