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Great Story and Characters

By Rebecca Zanetti Marked [Paperback] - Rebecca Zanetti

Janet watched men in full combat gear in loaded helicopters. A Young vampire had accidently set off a rocket into the Oregon forest. It had already been taken care of. Garrett was janet’s younger brother and he didn’t want Janet to go but she said she had to. Being five years older than Garrett Janet had vowed to protect him at birth. Vampires only produced males babies and not very often. Garrett was the heir to the Karys ruling family. Janet told Garrett he needed to stay there to protect headquarters and their mom when he said he should be going. Janet was going to the peace talks. Janet reminded Garrett she was trained and he stated she was human. For the rest of the Realm Janet needed to appear calm and determined. Janet had visions all her life. She knew she was to be at the peace talks but not past that. Sometimes in her dreams Janet sees different outcomes to different events. Janet had a horrible sense of foreboding hanging over her but she couldn’t tell Garrett that. Garrett had recently been kidnapped by Kurjans. Krujans were creepy white faced enemies who couldn’t go out in the sun but vampires could. Janet said there were sacrifices made during wartime but even more important for peace.  Zane had been Janet’s childhood friend and had given her a silver horseshoe necklace on her fifth birthday. As a favor for Janet Zane had rescued Garrett but Garrett didn’t trust him as he was half vampire but they didn’t know what the other half was. As a child Janet had dreamed her and Zane would end the war. There had been so much bloodshed already for nearly two decades of war: vampires, witches, shifters and even the kurgans and demons. Zane and Janet had met in dream world and she had known him her entire life. Janet had also met Kalin in the dream world he was the leader of the kurgans at this time. Kalin and Janet had formed an uneasy friendship and he had also saved her life. She had seen him change when he went to live with his mother's people after his father’s death. Talen was janet’s dad and was also going to the peace talks. He asked if she was ready than he asked if she understood the plan and all escape routes from the meeting cavern. Janet and than her father jumped in a helicopter and Dade Kayrs- her uncle and king of the Realm- turned in the pilot’s seat. Janet was deep underground in an impossibly dangerous cavern for the peace talks. There were four entrances to the peace talks each entrance was controlled by one of the species attending the talks. Every species on earth had prophesied Janet’s birth and attendance. It was mandatory. Kalin entered and told janet it was good to see her. The were waiting for the demons than Suri stepped into the cavern and had brought his nephew- Zane. the boy she’d known, the teenager she loved  had grown into a predator. He called her janie Belle and called hre that when he said hello. Zane was the feared “Ghost” who had nearly supernatural powers and a fatal ability to kill. Kalin wanted to mate with janet to gain her psychic abilities. Everyone wanted the Book Of Arias the witches had it currently but brought the book with them. The flew to Janet and she could touch it and read the book the only only one who could bare handed even the witches had to wear gloves to move it. Janet knew the moment would come when she must choose between her happiness and the future of her people. Zanes eyes on her were hot and daring. Than Zane added at the end of the talks Janet was to be his. Zane said Janet had been his all her life.

I loved this book. I do advise you to read all the books in this series in order for a better smoother read. I loved the pace and plot of this book. I chuckled at times and choked up at times while reading this. I loved Janet and Zane together. I happily found nothing to criticize in this book. I loved the characters and the twists and turns of this book and I highly recommend it.