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Not For Me

Turned to Stone (Jaime Azcárate Series) - Jorge Magano, Simon Bruni

Jaime doesn’t know when he walked into a rustic restaurant at Calle Manor that he was about to get himself into another one of his frequent scrapes. Jaime was in the category of people who ever intend to act as magnets for conflicts, mysteries, and trouble. This was more or less a vacation. The trip was planned for pleasure to see the exhibit . But he knew Laura Rodriguez. Editor of Areadia would ask him to write a few lines for the magazine’s next issue. For several weeks jaime felt an inexplicable inner turmoil . A man came to see Jaime at his table  and asked if he was Jaime Azcarate and that he was with EHU- The European Heritage unit in the European Police Office. EHU was set up six months before. He added it was like the Narcotics or Homicide Department and operates throughout europe. Than he told Jaime he needed to to talk to him about a case they were investigating. Than Jaime was asked if he knew this work of art and showed him a picture of it. Jaime identified the picture a bust of medusa. Jaime than lied about an article he had written and the man called him out on a lie. Than jaome said he heard the bust of Medusa had disappeared last month from a museum.

This book just wasn’t for me. It dragged for me and just didn’t keep my attention. I am sure others will like this it just wasn’t for me as I said.