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Good Story and Good Characters

13 Stolen Girls: A Layla Remington Mystery - Gil Reavill

Layla is a detective in L A. There was an earthquake in Malibu that unearthed a very large steel  barrel that looks like it has been buried a long time. When Marion opened the barrel she found the remains of Tarin Misty- a starlet that had one great movie that made her famous. Tarin had gone missing ten years ago. Layla was taken off the case and it was given to Walter and Rick who had been on Tarin’s missing person case who were going in the exact opposite direction than Layla in their handling of this case and the evidence found.  Layla decides to do her own investigation even though it could cost her job and as she digs further possibly her life. Than Layla notices similarities to recent disappearance cases as well as some not so recent. Layla feels maybe there is a connection between the cases. She finds other teenage starlets who had achieved some amount of success in their careers than they just dropped out of sight and than layla found they had gone missing and never found.  Layla starts a list of this young women. Layla ends up in the dark side of Hollywood- the sex clubs downtown and dominance and submission location of a rich and powerful Hollywood producer. This has been happening for a long time. As layla investigates she finds more victims of the killer. Thirteen women had been assaulted and than murdered over several years.

I enjoyed this book alot. But I did get a little annoyed at Layla at times as i felt she needed to think things through more. This did definitely keep my attention all through this book. I liked that we learned things just ahead of layla and we could use our own imaginations on who is the killer. I believe there is a dark and seedy  side in Hollywood and this was portrayed realistically by the author. Where murders like this and events could and have happened. This did drag for me at times not not enough to make me want to stop reading this book. It would have been nice to know more about Layla as a person not just the detective like what made her chance her badge and even her life to go after this killer. More personal view of Layla. I liked the plot of this book a lot. I loved the twists and turns of this book and I recommend it.