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Mixed Feelings

The Collector (Marion Spicer Art Mysteries) - Anne-Laure ThiƩblemont, Sophie Weiner

From the age of three Marion believed her father was dead. The first time Marion’s mother said her father had died in a plane crash. But in truth her father had abandoned his family as well as his name. Her mother would never talk in any way about her father when Marion asked. Thirty three years later an an executor informed her father hadn’t died so long ago but made a new life for himself. She would be inheriting one of the greatest collections of Pre-Columbian art in the world. There were some stipulations with the inheritance George Gaudin had been Edmund Magni’s- Marion’s father-  P A until a week ago when Edmund had been found in Peru dead. Marion met with Gaudin in her father’s home and he was taking her down in the cellar to see the collection. There was a reinforced steel door and than three rooms. Two rooms with hundreds of clay sculptures and vessels that Marion felt there was nothing pleasing in this collection. The space was a shrine to her father’s obscenity negotiated at the cost of gutted tombs and stolen memories. Than Marion was led to a third room with thirty beautiful pieces- intricate lapis lazuli inlays. Than Marion suggested they go back upstairs and look at pictures of three sculptures she had to find which was a provision of the will. Magni had sold the pieces three years ago. He had kept them barely six months before selling them. As long as the three sculptures weren’t found Gaudin stayed master of the house and owner of everything in it. That was the second provision of the will. Thirty years Gaudin had served Magni Gaudin would tell Marion nothing to help her. Marion worked at SearchArt. Her boss gave her a case she didn’t want and was another employees expertise and not hers. Marion goes to two lifelong  friends of hers in the art world to help her find the sculptures. As Marion looks for the pieces her ;life is threatened and she is almost drowned.

I had mixed feelings about this book. I did learn about the art market and rich determined collectors and not all activities were legal  and I feel this was realistic in a lot of ways. I liked Marion’s character in her love of art and determination to finish something she started even when her life is being threatened. I enjoyed the action, mystery and danger in this book. I was however disappointed by the end of this book. There are: life threats and murder attempts, tomb raiders, missing sculptures, statuettes -forged and real, double dealing, thieves, a hidden collection, a creepy assistant to a dead man, stolen art and so much more in this book. I had some problems at times keeping my attention on this book. So as I said I had mixed feelings on this book and wouldn’t read it again.