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Great Story and Characters

Wynn in Doubt - Emily Hemmer

Wynn had graduated from H S ten years ago. But she lives in a one room apartment with no career or money, no boyfriend….no life. Her younger sister Paige was getting married and her fiance was rich. Wynn Is looking at her yearbook and all the pictures of Oliver. Oliver had left Downers grove right after graduation.  Now Oliver was in a band called Multitude. But the band is calling it quits as Oliver and the drummer Anthony didn’t see eye to eye a lot. But now he is supposed to be coming back . Wynn was the rock. The one everyone depends on. The one that’s always around. Wynn, her mom , and sisters were going through her grandmothers stuff and dividing it up as they hose was being sold. Soon the house will belong to someone else. Wynn worked in a bar- Lucky’s-  as well as being substitute teacher. Wynn had been a nerd in HS but she had a crush on Oliver and one night he had kissed her. No one had ever matched that kiss. Lucky was Lynn’s boss at the bar and asked her if she had met Oliver as he now worked there also. He was good for business. Oliver called her name but she tried to ignore him. But eventually he turns to her and hugs her. Wynn finally finds her voice and said” it’s just the last time you kissed me” and Oliver said he remembered. Libby had kept some of her grandmothers books and in one of them she found a newspaper article the name of her great grandmother was in the notice and she had been part of a bootlegging operation with Michael Craig. It wasn’t known at the time of the article what role Lola played in the bootlegging operation . Libby went to ask her mom about her great grandmother and her mom acted angry and said Lola had deserted her daughter at the age of seven. Lola had run off to be a showgirl per her great aunt Goldie. Her grandmother had lived under the cloud of her mother desertion all of her life. Lynn had an invitation to try for the job of a social studies teacher. It would be better than working at the bar and just being a sub. Libby went to a party and Oliver was there and she had made some bad comments unknowingly she went out ot the pool and had was in the water up to her thighs than she noticed Oliver coming that way and went all the way in the water. But before she knows it Oliver slides right in the pool with her fully clothed just like her. They sneak away from the party and Oliver says he will take her on an adventure. Wynn tells Oliver about Lola and he talks her into going to Kentucky to see if they can find out more about Lola. Oliver and Wynn talk to a guy that was over a hundred years old and knew both Lola and Michael and actually worked with Michael with the bootlegging from a young age. But she had went under Lola Labelle as she had been a showgirl before going with Michael. The Feds did take Lola in but had nothing to hold her on. Than Lola disappeared so did the eldest brother-Daniell- wife Cece and their two daughters as he almost beat her to death. Legend has it Lola took the moonshine money to make sure her friend Cecilia/Cece could get away and survive with her two daughters.    

This was a great book and has become one of my new favorites. I loved Wynn and Oliver together and how he came back because of her. I loved how they interacted together. I also loved the ending. At first I thought I would be a little disappointed - you will see when you read this- until I actually got to the ending. I actually choked up but I had felt like I had been right there with Oliver and Wynn and Lola and Michael. That was different but I was happy how everything turned out except for Lola but she didn’t regret what she had done so there is that. I happily found nothing to criticize in this book. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this book and I highly recommend it.