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Great Story and Characters

Something to Howl About - Christine Warren

Annie was in the lobby of Alpha, Washington’s town hall. Annie had been living out of two battered suitcases for the last three years.Annie was a wolf shifter and had been banished from her pack as she had placed her pack in danger because of her carelessness with her work previously.  Alpha-often called Alphaville by the shifters- was an infamous enclave in the Cascade Mountain range. Annie was there to see the mayor- John Jaeger. Jonas asked Jaeger what he knew about Annie. Jonas and John were the oldest of friends. Annie was a doctor and she had a handful of master degrees and a bunch of letters after her name. Jonas needs Annie to save his bear clan. Annie was also a certified genius in genetics, shifter biology, and biochemistry. Everyone John/Jaeger had spoken to has said she was the best hope Jonas had. Jonas ran his family's company - Browning Industries- he was also alpha of his clan and known as the playboy of the shifter community , he was also billionaire.. Annie freaked some when she seen Grahams name on her cellphone. He was someone she had known all her life. He was her cousin, her playmate, and her Alpha. If she did the favor John asked her banishment would be lifted. Annie hadn’t tried to settle down anywhere as she knew New York was home. Annie instantly noticed the other man in the mayor’s office. All Annie senses were focused on the stranger although through her force of will she still gazed at Mayor Jaeger. The bears scent struck her as pleasant unexpectedly as Mayor Jaeger introduced her to Jonas.  Annie’s wolf said Jonas was theirs in her head. As Jonas turned his attention and said he needed her help to save his clan. Jonas realized before he turned to meet Annie his wolf wanted to taste her. Jonas had never had such an immediate reaction to a woman before or rather his bear who usually had no interest in the women in Jonas’s life. Annie Cryer wasn’t Jonas’s type but his bear didn’t care. Jonas told her the women in his clan have been unable to have children. They can’t conceive several had been trying for years. They’d even tried medical specialists and went through several different treatments that had all failed. If they didn't find the root of this problem Jonas was afraid he would have no bears left. The numbers of the brown bears had been declining for at least five generations or about one hundred and fifty years. Annie was given an unused office in the medical center Dr. Doug Kirby told her she could use the lab also. When the doctor left Annie and Jonas alone in the office he kisses her. Even though Annie didn’t want to hear it her wolf knew Jonas was their mate. Than Jonas went on about how bears didn’t mate like wolves. By the time he managed to shut himself up Annie was furious and left. Than she called her best friend Sam back in NY at her pack. They had grown up together and been best friends since they were four years old.  and she hadn’t even known Sam had a baby. But graham had told Annie she wasn’t even to talk to anyone in his pack Sam got mad at that as they hadn’t talked for three years. But to her shock Annie no longer missed the Silverback pack like she had the last couple of years. Jonas’s mom went to see him and ask him what was wrong she than told him brown bears did have mates. Jonas and Annie felt like they were individually going crazy as they were mates and hadn’t seen each other in seven days.

I loved this book and it was a quick easy read. I read this in one setting. I loved the plot and pace. I loved how Jonas's mom made him feel like a pup again and she also set him straight about mates. I loved Jonas and Annie together and how they interacted with each other. I couldn’t find anything to criticize in this book - happily. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this book and I highly recommend it.