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Good Story and Good Characters

The Congregation - Desiree Bombenon

Amanda had not planned on jumping out a third story window of the Chicago Culture Center because of a fire. Jake arrived frantically looking for Amanda. She had been on a window ledge but the firemen got a ladder to her and one was guiding her down the ladder a little below her on the ladder. Jake noticed the scar on her arm that she got on their last adventure in Hawaii. They had been helping with an investigation of kidnapping of some of their friends. It had just been a year since they had solved that case. It had been a very hard time for Amanda and Jake as friends had been involved. Amanda said she needed a vacation and wanted to go to Rome. and said she had to go to the Vatican. Her mother had a sick friend and Cardinal Roland said he would bless a rosary her mother had and would light some candles for her friend. Amanda adored her mom. Jake knew he wouldn’t win so he got up and booked a flight to Rome for them. Amanda had the gift of clairvoyance and could get visions. She felt that was why her and Jake got into all kinds of trouble. She also had been born with extrasensory perception. The gift had helped the local authorities in solving different cases by finding clues. In some cases Amanda even found people. After their businesses were doing well and they found great people to run them Amanda and Jake decided to semi-retire from everything including dangerous cases that could put them in harm’s way. They had been pulled back into action last year while in Hawaii. This case had almost cost them  their lives. Now they were getting ready to land in Rome for some reason Amanda felt a slight feeling of panic. Amanda and Jake went to meet Cardinal Roland the next day and he gives than a private tour of the Sistine Chapel. Father Roland was good friends with another priest in Chicago- Father Kristofferson- who he was worried about. The Cardinal felt Father Kristofferson may have lost his faith. Cardinal Roland and Father Kristofferson had a secret they share. Cardinal Roland is filled with grief over the secret. Cardinal Roland had a relic he wanted to give to Father Kristofferson. Amanda agreed to take the relic to Chicago. Once back in Chicago Amanda had a “ feeling Cardinal Roland may be in some kind of trouble.” Josh is a member and leader with Father Kristofferson of an organization called The Gathering and it’s goal is to bring down the Roman Catholic Church. Which they feel is a cult.

I enjoyed this book. I really liked the action, suspense, and drama. I also liked the fast pace and the plot. I felt the author did a good job in this book with how she handled the abuse. At times I was on the end of my seat while reading this book. I really liked the characters and the twists and turns of this book and I recommend it.