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Great Story and Characters

Marriage Claws - Paige Cuccaro

Kate felt she was close to a panic attack and it was jack Pensione’s. He was known as the Prince of Wall Street. He was trying to to lock the door of Kate’s diner for good. The arrogant business mongrel only arrived a few minutes ago and already Kate couldn’t think straight. Kate thought dear God why does he have to keep coming around pestering her. There is nothing on earth that would convince Kate to give up on her diner. She had owned The Sweet Spot diner for five years now. . Even with her lease coming up due. Jack wanted her to come up with three million dollars to but the space or close down her shop and vacate the spot. Jack was the most eligible bachelor in NYC. Than Marbella said Jack had his eye on her. The he watches Kate, the way he stares when you walk away. You'd think the man  suspected you of smuggled gold in the backside of your slacks. Jack’s father told him to get married and than he could take over the company. Otherwise he wanted the diner shut down. Kate had been taking care of her younger brother George since she had graduated from HS at seventeen. That was when their father decided his responsibility to his kids had been fulfilled. And he could “finally live his life.” Kate was only four years older than George but felt more like his mother, the only mother he had ever known. Than jack was in the diner and asking Kate if she would marry him that would make him CEO and he would save her diner for her. Jack said it would be strictly business he didn’t want to marry someone he had a romantic relationship with. When Jack took her hand electricity shot up her arm and she knew he felt it too.  That had to be understood from the start that romance would be out of the question. Kate had to move in with jack to make it appear real. Than jack told he was a werewolf and told her about them.

I loved the book. It was a great paranormal read. I loved Jack and Kate together and how they interacted. I also loved how Jack wanted to change some of the protocols of the pack. I loved the different take on how a human is turned and than connected to each member of the pack. I loved the plot and pace. I found nothing to criticize in this book. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this book and I highly recommend it.