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Mixed Feelings

Revenge Best Served Hot (Entangled Indulgence) (Men of the Zodiac) - Jackie Braun

Brody is determined to get revenge on Jonathan Douglas and his company to pay for his parents death. As the companies policies indirectly caused his parents death in a car accident.  Brody plans and executes a hostile takeover of Jonathan’s family business. He plans on destroying the company by breaking it up and selling it off in pieces and using the money to build a hospital in honor of his parents. Katherine and Brody are attracted to each other. Brody tries to more or less ignore Katherine even though her position is assistant to the CEO. Katherine is tired of being  overlooked as she had been by her father. She wants the company for herself. Brody decides to let Katherine interview for a job in the new company. Brody realizes Katherine really does have good ideas and promotes her to Vice President Of Operations. Katherine’s father wants her to basically stab Brody in the back.

I had mixed feelings about this book. It has been too many times and there just wasn’t a lot of originality that I at least seen in this. This was a fast hot read. I don’t think it was particularly mature act or correct for Brody and Katherine to almost have sex in the company parking garage. I did like the plot. I liked Katherine and Brody together and how they interacted and Brody did promote even after who she was. I wouldn’t read this a second time and as I said I had mixed feelings on this book.