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Not For Me

The Astrologer's Daughter - Rebecca Lim

Everyone attached themselves to Avicenna’s mother Joanne and eventually would get addicted and they would have to leave town. Joanne was known for trying. Trying to squeeze everyone in, trying to make people feel special , and seen; trying to find the truth in among the chaos that makes the singular state of existence. It had been twenty eight hours since  since Avicenca heard from her mum and that was unusual and that was a mistake message. Avicenna had a photographic memory but the last day she seen her non is a blank. Which means Joanne never said where she was going. Avicenna had been in a house fire and her face was scarred. Avicenna is eighteen years old. She calls the police about her missing mother. Avicenna is an astrologer like her mother, but she doesn’t want to use the abilities she has. It is suspected that Joanne's has to do with a client. Avicenna doesn’t really seem to have a clue what to do with Joanne At school Avicenna is trying for a scholarship and Simon is in competition for it.

I couldn’t get into this book . I had to make myself finish thus. It was me I just couldn’t stay interested. Than the ending didn’t answer all of my questions and I also felt the ending was abrupt as far as I am concerned. I was just disappointed with this book.But I did like how Boon and Erbium were kind to Avicenna.   This just wasn’t for me.