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Dragged a Bit

Her Alpha Viking - Sheryl Nantus

Erik Harrison is a former soldier who should’ve been dead with the rest of his unit. Because of this, he’s very unsettled, fighting in underground cage matches and never staying in one place too long. The one thing that’s bothered him is a mysterious woman he saw on the field when his teammates died.  Valkyrie Brenna Lund has spent her entire life guiding the souls of dying warriors. She’s not sure why she didn’t retrieve Erik’s but since he didn’t die, she’s in trouble and must remedy the situation so that she can return to her proper place. When another Valkyrie shows up and tells her she’s out of time, Brenna and Erik go on the run together.

This was a decent book. The premise was pretty good. The characters were very well written. Unfortunately it dragged a bit and took me a while to finish.

**I voluntarily read and reviewed this book