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Good Book and Characters

Going Down On One Knee - Christina Hovland

Velma twin sister was Claire and her boyfriend Dean had bog news to tell Velma. Velma thinks she knows their news- they were moving in together. Velma had a crush on Dean for years they worked together as financial planner and they had worked together for years but Velma hadn’t made her move and Claire had Dean. Velam had a elaborate five year plan-  she had step one and two- a successful career and a posh apartment that eventually rent out as an investment. Velam has spreadsheets and dating charts she tries to live by and keep trying to find Mr. Right. Then Velma saw a motorcycle park in a spot meant for Velma’s visitors. The man got off his bike and pulled off his helmet and was totally hot ,. Velma didn’t do badbutt. Then she found out the man was Dean’s friend Brek who would also have dinner with Dean, Claire, and Velma. After Brek asked what she did, he told her he was in the music business. He managed a band called Dimefront. +When Claire and Dean got there she showed Velma her engagement ring, Claire and Dean were getting married. Velma put a smile on her face. She could see Claire was excited and in love. Those grey eyes messed with Brek’s sanity from the parking lot to the kitchen. Brek liked Velma , she was stacked but also funny and sexy. Brek had seen a lot of fake smiles working with celebrities. Velma had flinched when Claire announced her engagement and her smile was definitely fake. Jase, Brek, Eli,Jase and Dean had been friends since HS. Dean asked Brek to be his best man. Ek]li will deal with the catering and Jase would handle the flowers. Claire asked Velma to be her maid of honor. They will be getting married in three months in August. Aspen id Nreks sister who has had a problem having a baby she is pregnant right now but was put in the hospital as she  had went into preterm labor. Aspen was put on hospital bedrest and she asked Brek to run her business until she could again it had just started to pick up again. As far as Brek is concerned there was one thing worse than a celebrity rocker on a four day bender, it was a bridezilla who wanted the perfect wedding . He handles sound systems parties, drunk-off-their- butt musicians. Brek made good money and loved the thrill of his work. What he did not enjoy was an overly emotional woman in a pouffy white dress. But Brek could not stand to see his younger sister in tears and agreed to help. Brek is really not the type of guy to stay put in one location for a long time before he ready to move on. Brek and Velma had a hot chemistry even though Velma did not want to be attracted to Brek he wasn’t her type or fit into her five year plan. Brek’s mom was a matchmaker whom would happily work on a match for him, Brek rents a rook off Velma as he had t be there to run his sister’s business while she’s in the hospital. .

I really enjoyed this book. It was a light hearted funny romance. Where two opposite people can’t help but get together. I really liked Brek and Velma together and how they interacted. I loved how Brek stepped up to help his hospitalized pregnant younger sister even if it was the last thing in the world he wanted to do. I chuckled a lot while reading this. It caught my attention from the beginning and kept it to the end. I really liked the plot as well as the pace of this book. Brek and Velma are really opposite each other but make it work. I loved that the relationship grew the more time Brek and Velma spent together. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this book and I recommend it.