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Mistletoe Kisses - Marnie Blue

Justin had been a cop for five years and his partner was Kevin O’Rourke. Now Justin had to play Cop Kringle and his kid sister’s -Hannah-  best friend Lilly was a reporter and to be Justin’s elf. Lilly had been in combat situation as a correspondent. Everyone knew Justin was more of a grinch then a saint when it came to  Christmas. Lilly hadn’t seen Justin in ten years. Justin had been her big brother by proxy. But when Lilly saw Justin his face was stony and fierce. Words failed Lilly and words never failed her as she was a broadcast journalist. Talking was what Lilly did. It would be so much easier for Lilly to run. But if she did she would not get the slot at Channel 10. Lilly wanted to live here by Hannah and Mary-Justin and Hannah’s mom- Mary was more of a mom to Lilly than her biological mother. Her family of the heart- Mary, Hannah , and Justin included. Even at six years old Lilly had decided to marry Justin and seven year old Justin said he would marry Lilly but no kissing. Then they pinkie swore. Lilly told Justin her article had to be great as she wanted to be permanently be there with Mary and Hannah. But Justin was angry at her still he had been for ten years when he felt Lilly had abandoned his family and him when they needed her most. But that didn’t mean he didn’t miss her and her… Lillyness.  Then Justin and Lilly share a hot kiss under the mistletoe for the article. Justin realizes he cares about Lilly and not as a sister. Lilly also knows she loves Justin and always has. Justin also has anxiety from PTSD to deal with.

I really enjoyed this book, I loved Justin and Lilly together and how they interacted with each other. I really liked the plot and the pace. I would have liked to rate this 4’5 if I could have. I liked how close Hannah and Mary were to Lilly who really didn’t have a normal loving family life. I loved how protective justin was of Lilly even when he was angry at her. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this book and I recommend.