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Don't Lose Her (Max Freeman Mysteries) - Jonathon King

Diane was a forty three year old eight month pregnant judge. She felt huge and it was hard for her to get comfortable. Diane is looking out a atypical scene in her courtroom.  As usual a team of federal prosecutors to her left. Two of whom she had before in her past. But at the defense table s a bevy of lawyers and Juan Manuel Escalante who is a known drug cartel leader who was lured to Florida through a DEA scheme and then arrested by the Feds. There is no jury before Diane. The decision on this case was hers alone. Juan brought up Diane’s and her unborn child’s health.  Diane was not sure if it was a threat or not. The obstetrician said the only way he would let Diane keep working if she avoided undue stress. She needed to relax. Then she is going to a cafe for lunch and is pulled into a van. Diane is married to a lawyer , Billy who hires his close friend and former police officer -Max- turned private detective to find out what he could by any means necessary. Diane is determined to get away from her kidnappers and the baby be fine in her stomach. Diane has been a judge for several years and she has dealt with every criminal imaginable so being a hostage she is more aware.

I didn’t really care for this book. I just didn’t connect with it. That wasn’t the books fault it just didn’t catch or keep my interest. I had action right from the start. I don’t really know why but this just wasn’t for me. But I am sure someone will really enjoy it.