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Legendary Beast - Barbara J. Hancock

Madeline drew yet another picture of the white wolf from her memory. No matter how many times she drew his likeness she never exercised him from her mind.Good that she remembered in case she had to protect her son Trevor if the white wolf came back. That story day she had woken up hundreds of years ago it had been Vasilisa who had broken the crystal chamber and taken Trevor to keep him safe Madeline had slept over one thousand years when ill.  Vasilisa had been the cool presence that had helped her. Madeline had woken from a long illness but ehr mind hadn’t. Every sight that met her eyes dazzled confused her. The Queen encouraged her drawings. There was a life very unlike the world she had woken to on Vasilisa’s island Krajina that she had lived. Vasilisa was the Light Valkyrie Queen. Madeline protected her when she realized that Vasilisa had protected Trevor from the white wolf. Vasilisa had rushed to break the crystal chamber when the white wolf appeared on the island. His appearance had woken Madeline from her long sleep. She had risen to face his attack but she hadn’t been strong enough, Vasilisa explained everything as she helped Madeline. Most of all she took care of Madeline’s infant son Trevor who was still sleeping. She explained Trevor had to wake up slowly. Madeline hadn't forgotten her baby, the white wolf, or her ruby sword. Vasilisa treated Madeline like a daughter and Trevor as a grandson. Vasilisa had said the white wolf  had once been her champion but he had become wild and a savage monster that could no longer be trusted. Madeline exercised in secret and was growing stronger every day. Then there was a sudden quacking of the earth beneath Madeline’s feet when she got up and looked back out the window the Queen and Trevor were gone. The palace was under attack but it wasn’t the white wolf it was witches fighting each other. She noticed the witches attacking had black marks on their forehead. She heard a voice say this way from one of Vasilisa’s sitting rooms and the door clicked shut and there was only darkness. Madeline said she was looking for Trevor. The voice explained “they’ve taken him and the queen’s last orders was that I should keep you safe.” It was one of Vasilisa’s older servants. Then Madeline wanted to help fight but the woman said “ sleep now then you can seek the white wolf’s help. The last thing Madeline heard was the white wolf's howl. The journey from Krajina had been long. Vasilisa had told Madeline that she had once been a warrior for the light. Madeline felt the truth in her heart. But now there wasn’t any sort of  ability in her muscles or her mind. To Lev Romanov - the white wolf himself. Legend said Vasilisa had created champion shapeshifters to stand with her against the Dark. She had forged three enchanted swords to be wielded by the wolves mates. Madeline knew she had to save Trevor. Then a woman offered Madeline some tea Madeline knew there was a but Madeline knew something was wrong and told the woman and refused it the woman said your link to the white wolf was brk=oken. Then Madeline demanded where her son was. But the witch backing away and now had the black marks appear on her forehead. Then the witch said it didn’t matter she’d be back and she wouldn’t be alone. The Valkyrie assassin got away. The savage white wolf was a shapeshifter and at one time had been her husband and Trevor’s father. Madeline knew she had been told the white wolf couldn’t be trusted but she had no one else to turn to for help. Back when she had awoken the white wolf had finally found her but she treated him like an enemy. Madeline had raised her sword and had wanted to kill him he then became a broken man and his twin brother-Soren took him home.  He was still the man he had shifted into on that day as he was unable to shift into a wolf since. He had protected Madeline and Trevor against Vasilisa as she was cursed. When she got to the castle she recognized no one until she seen Anna - Vasilisa’s daughter and the Light Valkyrie’s princess. And she said “ she marked them they had once Light but they’d been corrupted by their thirst for power. Then she added” you came for Lev’s help.but he hasn’t recovered, he may never recover. She had seen Lev for the first time in six months Lev decided her would get Trevor back to Madeline and kill Vasilisa and then go from there alone and wild.

I enjoyed this book. From the first page until the last. This had a great plot. I didn’t like how magic  could make Madeline not remember her mate/husband Lev at least in some sense deep within her. This had : witches, Valkyrie queen and princess. curses, betrayal, misunderstandings, evil, trust issues, white wolf, shifters, magical swords, a long sleep, and so much more. I advise you to read the series in order for an easier smoother read. I loved Lev and Madeline together. This story had me from page one until the last page. I would have liked to rate this a 4.5. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this book and I recommend it.