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Great Book and Great Characters

Consumed - J.R. Ward

Anne was the only female fire fighter at her fire station, her nickname was sister as her father had died a hero during a fire and her brother- Tom was captain at another fire station. There is a fore at an old warehouse and Anne and her partner- Amy- Chevez go into the warehouse looking for people who were squatting in the warehouse to get out to get out before things get worse. When they were almost done with the bottom floor Anne told Amy to go ahead and do the upstairs at first Amy said no  as that was going against the order to stay together at all times but then Amy went up giving into Anne. Anne had a one time fling with Danny who was the one man that was always with a lot of women. But what anne doesn’t know is Danny is in love with her but he knew Anne refused to settle down and marry and be like her mother who she had no respect for and had nothing in common witn. What Danny doesn’t know is Anne is in love with Danny. Danny is another firefighter from the same station. Anne gets trapped and the fire blazes toward her. She can’t free her hand. Then she sees someone through the smoke and it’s Danny and even though he was told not to go in the warehouse he went in after Anne anyway. He tells him to leave she can’t free her hand and neither could Danny. Anne told Danny to go she was done. Danny told her if she died he would die with her. So Anne then told Danny to cut off her hand finally that is exactly what Danny did and handed her out of the  warehouse that was collapsing but ANne screamed for Danny as she didn’t see him come out. Danny got trapped himself but he is pulled from the warehouse but barely alive. When Anne comes to she is in the hospital and Tom is there and he told her he had been waiting for the day when he had to tell their mother she too had died in a fire like their father. Tom and Anne always argued just like today and it always ended up in a standoff every since she had entered the fire academy. Anne felt like maybe she would have been better off dying as she could no longer be a firefighter and that had been her life. Anne forced her self up from her hospital bed and was determined to see Danny she had called and he had a room in the hospital. The nurse tried to talk Anne into going back to bed but Anne didn’t listen. As Anne got to the elevator and her head was swimming she felt something hit the back of her legs and she fell back into a wheelchair Moose- a brother firefighter from their station- and he took Anne to the ICU to see Danny. No one would admit how bad Danny was and he may not make it. Moose was Danny’s former roommate before he married. But Danny was Moose’s best friend and he was so afraid for Danny. Anne went into Danny’s room and whispered to him “ why didn’t you leave me?” Danny woke and with tremendous will he said “couldn’t leave you”and then all kinds of alarms went off and Anne was passed back out to Moose by the ICU staff but Danny was still looking out to Anne until he was blocked by  some staff. Ten months later Anne was a Fire Inspector that was as close as she could now get to her old job. She was now part of the Arson Investigation and Fire Inspection Division of The New Brunswick Fire Department. Anne hadn’t seen Danny since that day in ICU , with both of them doing what they had to do to recover. Then she heard Danny was back on the job at the 499. Three months earlier Danny had left a drunk voicemail on her phone , it was the middle of the night then a female said his name. So no contact. Then Moose called her to talk to Danny as he was on a downward destructive spiral path.

I loved this book. When I first started reading this book I wasn’t so sure as I had so loved J R Ward’s series Black Dagger Brotherhood. But this was a great book and I was happy I read this. I loved Danny and Anne together. I was so happy when Anne worked things out with her family. I also loved when Anne finally gave into her feelings. I was so sad the way Moose turned out. As you maybe able to tell I felt like I was there and knew these characters. This draws you in and doesn’t let go until the very last page. I loved how close the firefighters all were. I felt like the author let us know what is was like to be a firefighter and the dangers and gave us the chance to read about some situations that happen. It just read very realistically. Happily I could find nothing to criticize in this book. I loved the plot and pace also. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this book and I highly recommend.